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GSP pup gets 1st chukar limit

T Bone

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Jan 8, 2001
West Slope, CO
I have to brag about this...Yesterday I took my six month old GSP out chukar hunting. We've been twice before with limited success. But yesterday we were in the birds thick, and it all came together.

We were hunting high, just below the rimrock with the breeze in our faces when Bonnie got birdy, then locked up tight. I walked up and a small covey got up. Bam, one bird down. Then another covey flushes below and I luck out on a 60 yard shot and brain one more. Bonnie is still locked up hard. Fetch! She looks at me and I can see her wheels turning...she gets it! She had marked the 1st bird, ran to it, dead pointed, and did a perfect retrieve. The second bird, I got her down wind and she found it quick. Another good retrieve.

We ended up with a limit of six, despite my crappy shooting. One covey had near 50 birds in it. I couldn't pick one bird, I panicked and did the flock shoot thing and out of 3 shots, only one dropped! We followed the big covey and ended up with a limit of 6 birds.

She did 4 other good point and retrieve sequences. It finally came together for her! Bird hunting over a dog adds a whole new aspect to the hunt. We'll be out again shortly, since its only a 30 minute drive from my house!
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