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Mar 19, 2006
Finally ran out of hamburger and I'm going to grind some more and was wondering what everybody's thought are of combining some deer meat and antelope together or should I keep them separate? I've never ground antelope into burger before so don't know what to expect. Thanks.
i mix everything together except elk if i am just using for general purpose burger meat. my actual hamburgers are elk, ground bacon and beef fat. it all what you prefer...

Unless there is something particularly rank about an animal I have mixed all sorts of combinations that turn out good/great. Last batch I'm eating is 30% antelope, 65% elk, 5% mtn goat.
I wouldn't worry about mixing it unless, like others have mentioned, there was something unruly about one of the animals.
I save all of my meat to be ground aside, no matter what the animals are, and mix it all together at the end of the season with pork fat. The ground meat I just finished (it was used in the chili and my wife's meatballs for the HT hunt) was deer, antelope, elk, and a little bit of lamb mixed with pork and packaged in tubes. It was awesome! I have some antelope already in the freezer to grind and we'll see what this year's hunts bring to add to the mix.
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Antelope is so sweet, I would grind them separately, but that's just me. I have ground deer and elk together many times. Like others, I always add some form of domestic fat to my grind, usually beef or pork.
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