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Aug 22, 2001
Henderson, KY
Years ago, in another life, I visited the Snowy Range a few summers in a row on touristy fishing expeditions with my uncle. I kept a postcard sent by some friends met along the's your lucky day because now I just found it again! :D The friend thought it immensely funny to send me a postcard that was printed in 1976 and bought about 10 years later:


This town is 30-odd miles from Laramie, WY, in the foothills of the Snowy Range; it's on the opposite side of the range from the now-famous Encampment and its Mangy Moose saloon. Here's the text on the back:

Centennial Valley was settled early in the history of the West. A tie camp was set up in the mountains in '68 and 69 to supply the oncoming trans-continental railroad. The timbermen were driven out by an Indian raid in '69. In 1870 the first homestead was staked out in the valley and in the next decade most of the range land was taken up by homesteaders - families of many of whom still live here.

The U. S. Post Office was opened in Centennial, July 23rd, 1875 and July 23rd. 1975 marks 100 years of Centennial History.
In the Centennial Year of 1876, a gold mine was discovered in these mountains which produced $90.000 worth of ore the first year. The mine, the mountain, and the valley were forthwith named "Centennial." This particular vein of gold disappeared but there was a great deal of mining activity at various later times . . . and the promise of precious ores led to the promotion of a railroad to run from Laramie to Gold Hills . . . and Centennial grew into a sizeable community. Today the railroad is a thriving part of the Union Pacific system carrying out the rich resources of timber, coal, oil, minerals, cattle and sheep.

We believe that our greatest riches are not the gold and platinum so eagerly sought by the prospectors, but the pleasure to be found in seeing and appreciating this lovely and unique mountain country.

We know that CENTENNIAL will add to the enjoyment of your stay in the beautiful Snowy Range and the Medicine Bow National Forest. The business people of Centennial welcome you to the area:

THE FRIENDLY STORE AND MOTEL offer a complete line of groceries, sporting goods and sundries, Conoco gasoline, Bar and Modern Motel.
Dwight and Grace Richards

THE CHUCKWAGON CAFE offers real home cooking, homemade pies, Buffalo Burgers.
Franklin & Leona Fox

Stop in and say hello to the new owners of the oldest store in town: MARTIN'S SNOWY RANGE STORE . . . Bud and Pat Martin - Modern Housekeeping cabins -Trailer Hookups - Texaco Gas - Groceries -Bar - Sundries - Sporting Goods.

THE OLD CORRAL MOTOR HOTEL -Frontier Village - Famous for Steaks - New Motel Rooms - Restaurant - Bar - Lounge - Package Goods - Laundromat.
Your hosts: Pat and Nici Self.

MEDICINE BOW SKI AREA. 4 miles west of Centennial, Wyoming on Hiway 130. in the "Snowy Range." Powder snow November through April.
The Chuckwagon Cafe was my favorite restaurant of the trip (I loved those buffalo burgers and onion rings!); it has changed ownership several times since. Last time I saw it it was called "Murf the Serf's," but he's probably handed it off again. The Old Corral burned down in the 80's, but was rebuilt and was in excellent tourist-serving form last time I saw it...the rest were still there and pretty much as described. So there's your brief history of Centennial, Wyoming. :rolleyes:

What's the point of all this? Beats me.
I guess I'm wishing for another trip out west...maybe Nut and I will make a stag road trip out there one of these days.


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Jan 9, 2001
Laramie, WY
It doesnt look like its changed much since 1976, the postcard is probably still accurate!


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Feb 26, 2003
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"We believe that our greatest riches are not the gold and platinum so eagerly sought by the prospectors, but the pleasure to be found in seeing and appreciating this lovely and unique mountain country."

Look at the wisdom of those with the Big Hair of the '70's, listening to Bay City Rollers and ABBA...


Dec 17, 2000
Bountiful, Utah
Yep, that looks like Centennial all right. Is that the old police car in the middle picture on the bottom? I was wondering how lang it has been there.

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