Great time hunting bears in Idaho.


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Dec 29, 2000
Phoenix, AZ.
My wife and I just got back from hunting bears over bait up in Idaho with Clint (Buckshot). We had a great time and Clint and his family are great people.
I got lucky and harvested a nice 5'6" light cinnamon bear on the third day and that same day my wife and Clint got video of a bear that was two steps short of the shooting lane for my wife to get a shot. We were both bow hunting. I included a picture of the bear they saw and will post one of mine when I get the pictures back. The bears were hitting the baits every night and cleaning them out. I think there were 5 bait sites total. With the full moon I think the bears were feeding late at night. We never saw any other bears at the bait. We even tried to run bears with the dogs to get one for my wife. The first run the dogs got on what we think was the bear in the picture and he wouldn't tree. The next day we treed a sow with two cubs. I tell my freinds that the hunt was an anniversary present for my wife and I got a bear and all she got was a sore butt from the tree stands. But that's hunting and we had one of the best hunts we've ever been on. Usually our deal is that I have to hunt with her till she gets her animal and she told me that next year when we go back up I have to sit with her till she gets her bear then I can hunt.

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Yeah from the pic that looks like a real nice bear, sometimes them bigones don't wanna climb the wood. Sounds like you had good time and hunt with Buckshot.
Steve ,nice picture,I love seeing thoses.
Hey Gato,to answer your question in chat(sorry, you left to fast) I didnt get a chance to tell you.(hope I didnt offend you) :(
I buy a bear tag every year but never get a chance to hunt them.I have seen a few but always at the wrong time. Maybe one of these days it will all work out. :D

Great picture! I've been holding out for a cinnamon for the past few years,seen a few but haven't been able to get a shot off. Might have to resort to using my rifle or ML.
Rather bung dung.... Nice Friggin story... Glad ya got to hunt with Clint AGAIN.. You didn't talk about the board did ya ;)

Sorry it took so long on the Response!!!! Nice BLACK BEAR!!!
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