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GREAT DEALS on Alaska Big Game Hunts

Bill Hefner

New member
Dec 17, 2000
St. Petersburg, FL USA
ATTENTION Big Game Hunters……..

In keeping my promise to keep hunters who frequent this bulletin board informed on unadvertised hunting specials, here is the latest. A few days ago I spoke with Tony Lee, my long-time outfitter buddy in Alaska who owns and operates Westwind Guide Service at In order to fill his fall hunts before the end of spring he’s offering the following specials. Because I help Tony with his marketing, I’m able to give you this inside scoop several weeks before it appears on his web site for the world to see. So, if you and your hunting buddies haven’t yet made any firm commitments on a fall hunt, now is the time to make your move. Remember……if you snooze, you lose! Several guys have already booked because I sent this e-mail notice out earlier this week to other hunting friends.

2x1 Guided Caribou Hunt - ONLY $2,250!

That’s right, $2,250 per person for a 7-day, fully guided, outfitted (tent, stove, food, etc.) caribou hunt this August and September. And the 7 days are actual hunting days. Travel doesn’t count. These hunts are normally $2,800 per person. This is a savings of $550 per hunter!! There are a limited number and dates for these 2x1 guided hunts and are great for first timers to Alaska. So, if you’ve been sitting on the fence, now is the time to book. They’ll definitely NOT be any cheaper and they’ll sell out quickly at this special price. The biggest decision you and your buddy will have is who gets to shoot first and which animal. Right now, if you’re really serious, all you need to do, after talking to Tony, is each mail him a non-refundable $250 deposit to reserve the date & space. The balance is paid in cash when you arrive at main camp. Once you mail the check you need to start making airline reservations.

You’ll hunt the Mulchatna herd (over 225,000 strong) out of Unit 17B or 19B. Last September I hunted 17B and saw about 2,000 caribou over a 10 day period. One day I was in an alder patch in full camo waiting for a bull in a small herd coming up the ridge and they passed so close I could’ve hit ‘em on the snout with a fly rod! Just several years ago a bow hunter took the #1 Pope & Young caribou (velvet category) out of this same area that scored 439 points, just to give you an idea of the size of animals here.

Spring Bear -- ONLY $8,500!!

But for one (1) opening only! This is for the serious brown/grizzly hunter who wants a great pelt. The actual hunting dates are May 1-10, 2002. Over the last 4 years 31 of Tony’s spring bear hunters have taken 27 bears, including the new pending #1 SCI grizzly that squared 9’8” with a skull measurement of 28 1/8”. His hunters have taken many of the current top 20 SCI grizzlies, a record that’s hard to beat by any outfitter. The regular cost for his spring bear hunts is $10,000 and for 2003 it’s going up to $10,500. First come, first served. If you can’t go, tell your buddies. They’ll thank you forever!

Fall Bear -- SPECIAL $6,000!!

Fall brown/grizzly bears have not been hunted by Tony’s clients in Unit 19B for 5 years. But this September he’s going to start again on a very limited basis. One of his guides (the same guide I had the week before) saw 14 grizzlies during a 10 day moose hunt last September. And all were within several miles of camp! With such a heavy concentration of brown/grizzly bears in that area, taking several isn’t going to hurt their population. In fact, they need to be harvested.

So, if you’re interested in a fully guided, 1x1 fall brown/grizzly hunt out of a remote spike camp, you need to call Tony at home at (907) 373-2047. With all the big record book bears his hunters have taken out of this same area during spring bear season, you have a great opportunity to hunt the same animals but at a savings of $4,000 over his spring bear hunts. And to put it into further perspective, it’s cheaper than most 1x1 and 2x1 guided moose hunts in Alaska.

Guided Moose Hunts? - All Booked! Sorry!

Let me know if you and/or your buddies would like additional information. I have several prepared documents with detailed information on logistics and associated costs that do not appear on Tony’s website. I could easily e-mail them to you. I work at home and am usually able to answer my e-mail the same day unless I’m out of town on business. Or, if you prefer to call Tony directly (907-373-2047) for specific hunting dates, the best time to get him is about 7:30 a.m. or after 6:00 p.m. Monday thru Friday. Remember….Alaska Time is 4 hours behind East Coast time. If you can’t take advantage of these specials, kindly forward this posting to a friend or relative who may be able to, OK? Thanks. But if you do call, be sure to tell him you read about this special e-mail promotion from me on his fall hunts because this isn’t being advertised anywhere else except on several select hunting bulletin boards/forums.

Looking forward to hearing from you and hope you can take advantage of these hunts,

Best regards,

Bill Hefner
St. Petersburg, FL
E-Mail: [email protected] (all lower case)