Good morning Kaw Kaw

Mar 27, 2003
Good morning. Just wanted to drop a note. Any news today from Dick. I am glad to everything went well. I am looking forward to him stiring the pot.
Well good morning sunshine

He posted yesterday afternoon in the Seldom Ever Update. I was just wondering when he would feel up to coming out and playing again

How are you this fine morning?

Crow Woman
I think his streangth is there for clicking along the threads, but the heavy typing takes a tole on a feller that has just went thru the meat grinder...Hope your feeling better today Seldom...
Yeah,I'm ok.Yesterday all I did was sleep on the couch and occasionally pop one eye open at the TV.I slept until 10 this morning and now I feel like a new man!!
Sure glad your back, I hate to be the only one that has to travel so far to the club meetings.

The 20 project is coming along, I should get the barrel out in a few days and will send to Douglas.

later pup
Glad to be back! Pup,you be sure and post a pic of that 20 buddy,I want to see the finished product.Maybe one day you and me can shoot each other's 20's while on a hunt or something.That would be great,as far as I'm concerned.

Good Morning everybody,this thread always reminds me of the movie,Good Morning Vietnam!

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Everything is fine here, House is getting bigger and so is the wife, ( now hold on girls, she is pregnant and is supposed to be getting that way). Any how with a little luck I will have the house done in time , and the 20 also. I have to get busy getting some calls out as well as the shooting sticks, I am getting behind on those, but it will all come out in the wash. glas to hear that all is well with you guys.

later pup
post a pic of those shooting sticks,pup,are you making and selling them now ?
I am good Sheri, it is still hot here 95. But after 4 days of that summer is now over. Starting tommorrow highs in low 70's for next few days and low in the 50's. Things are getting better here.

Now that it is not so bad I can start back with training my choclate lab (Sampson). Lately we have just been going for swims. Too hot for anything else. After comeing back from the crek we go for ice cream. Yes he gets his own cone. In about 45 seconds his is gone. When he is done then I can drive and start eating my cone. But I can hold my cone, drive, and fend him off so he gets about half of my cone.

Yeah I am still selling them, Slydog, has a pair or two and can tell you about them. They are simple but I doubt that you can wear them out, and they sure do get the job done. I'll get some pics up if I can find them.

later pup

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glad your upright pard, as far as the shooting sticks that pup makes goes, very simple in design but stout as he//. I carry them with me everywhere/ they double as a fishing pole holder also,,,LOL

E-mail me some pics pup,at a later date I'll buy a set.My next priority is to mail in membership to Moosies site here,it's about time I did that.I know I'm not obligated,but as much fun as I've had here,it's the least I can do.I just have to get my bills caught uyp a bit first.

Sly ol buddy,I am feeling good,and now I'll be able to hunt harder in the bargain!

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Hello Men

So Dang Good to see you back on here Seldom!!!

Believe it or not, we actually had a slight breeze here last night. And today we got the same thing going on, but no rain though

WEll, I'm gonna let ya'll go back to chit chattin and go take a nap. Catch ya later!

Crow Woman
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