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Good luck Indy !



Damn good advice Dan! ;) .......I know he is pretty pumped, and we will have 3 good days of scouting before the season I think we can be in a good position the first day. Hopefully it will happen quickly for him....that's tough country and a few days of no luck can wear on a guy in a hurry.

I was up there again a couple of days ago....saw the biggest bull I have ever seen, (except in Greeny's pix) but he was over on private land grazing with the moo cows. The snow is already as deep as it ever was last year while we were there in the high country...we may have to move down...and that means tons of hunters :( .....
I know your heading out soon for another Wyo. elk adventure, here's wishing you good luck.
Just a bit of advice, when the moment of truth comes.....stay calm, take a deep breath, aim carefully and squeeze one off....
then wipe your butt and go elk hunting ! :eek:
Best of luck to you guy's.
I dont have to say have a great time ,we already know your heading for that.
How about (stay out of trouble) ;) ;)
Bring back lots of picture's .