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Dec 20, 2000
Jackson, Wyoming
Well I have been watching the forecast and the mountains are suppose to get 2-5 inches of snow tomorrow. Rather than trailer the horse of the mountain to where my friend says there is one, I am going to hit the drainage where there has been a sow and cub for the past two years. Hopefully there will be a little snow on the ground so I can find a track. I will have to ride in a couple of miles then can tie up and hike around.

I do have a question though. If there was a sow with a cub last year and the year before, will the cub be on it's own this year? And when does a sow kick the cub out, in the spring or the fall? Will this sow have another cub this year?
I think that the cub will stay with it's mother two years. She will start running it off in the early summer/late spring because she will want to breed again in mid to late summer. She won't let a boar come around while she still has the cub with her so she will be getting rid of it soon.
Where the was once a bear... there will be once again....

I'm not sure if thats true.. BUt tracks are COOL !!! You can track them like the Houndsmen do.. shouldn't this be in that section then ? But since you're using a horse... HUMmmmmm

I think bears Kick um like Brokfut said. Remember, After shooting a yearling Bear, Take the picture with the Camera low to the ground
The sow I saw last year with the cub was brown and black. The cub was all black. Two years ago, a cub was crying out and my horse was going friggin nuts on me. I am hoping for a little snow tonigh. I will ride in and tie up and hike around and see what becomes of it. It is pretty much a narrow canyon, real thick and steep on the east side of the creek. Fairly thick in the canyon and opening up on the west side of the creek.

So what you are telling me Moosie is there should be a bear in there. Thanks for the camera angle tip.
BEST of luck... YAH, Acording to my research.. and the Color phase of some of the bear we've seen.... they seem not to roam too far from "HOME".... so if ther was bear there last year.. there is a reason (Food, habitat, ect..) So they'll be back...

Good luck bud !!!
Here is the update Moosie. Ended up having a nice ride on the horse and a nice hike in the woods.
Only thing I saw was 7 elk, 1 moose and 4 grouse.
Next week I will try one of two other areas. I returned to the same drainage today and all we saw was 2 elk, 2 moose and 1 grouse. We did see 6 sheep on the way there. It wasn't all that bad though. I was out and in the hills and had a good time.

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