Get Nut a Hearing Aid Fund?


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Mar 28, 2001
Ohio but my heart is always in the woods
Yep I need a hearing aid for sure. My bad hearing cost me bigtime at least twice. Tuesday Morning was one time. I was still hunting. (That is almost impossible where the leaves are on the ground everywhere :rolleyes: ) I was standing looking around and then took a few more steps. I heard a grunting sound faint at first then getting lounder. Took me a second or tow to realize that I had no grunt tube and that it was a deer grunting. When I located the source it was too late. The deer was running off and all I saw a glimpse of a antler and alot of white tail. :(

Then today we stayed late and I went out to the same area wher eI boo-booed the last time. I sat there for 2 hours. I thought I heard a deer bleating. Wasnt sure. Thought I saw a flash of white also. Waited attentive for 15 minutes . Thought I hear even more bleats. Still wasnt sure because it was so faint to my hearing. So I had to pee.(BIG mistake) As I was finishing I thought I heard leaves rustling. Aw another squirrel again. So I turn around and at 30 yards exactly where I was waiting for the deer to come thru there was a big doe, and another doe and another and another and another,etc,etc. So I grab the shotgun and as they were busting away I took a bead on one and BANG. I nailed it square in the middle. The middle of the tree that is. :rolleyes: Hunt was over for the day.
This happened about 10 minutes after our friend Ron had missed 3 shots at some deer. (He was using a .454 Tauras Raging Bull)

Vipe had no luck whatsover.Poor girl couldnt buy a break. I wouldnt let her get the 3 she had her in sights. I didnt want the front of the Jeep smashed in. btw they all 3 were bucks,a 8 pt.6pt and a spike.

Then there was the 3 legged dog that wanted to eat me on the one side of the property we was hunting on. The F-16 that scared the chit out of by flying directly over my head at about 500 feet. They are fast and loud at that height.

I cant tell ya how many deer we spooked altoghter. It was quite a few. Took me until today to figure out where they all went to since the mast crop is gone. And boy is it thick in that area.

Learned alot more about the lease.made a couple of more contacts while there and ready to go back for more.

But the one thing I realized most of all is that hunting with adults is not half as much fun as hunting with my kids.
Good story Nut. The part I like the best is your last line

But the one thing I realized most of all is that hunting with adults is not half as much fun as hunting with my kids.
I don't remember the publication that he is in, but you ought to find the articles that Maggie Magee wrights...You and him have alot in common...LMAO!!! Great story as usuall... :D :D :D
I did a search on him. I came up with a guy who writes about lesbians???? :confused: :D

I am still disapointed that I didnt seal the deal yesterday. Didnt go out today near home. Needed to give myself a break and help Vipe around the house. Will go out tomorrow tho. Taking the boys Saturday and Sunday also. Was going to go back to work but knowing that they would stick me working Saturday I decided not to. ;)
Hey Nut,if it all went really smooth every time ,it would be boring and we wouldnt have a good reason to spend all that time & money on hunting.
This place would not be as fun to read
;) ;)
$19, here's one.

I don't what would happen if that jet comes buy again, you better check if it blocks loud noises.
MD you are right. It is just that I have been working hard at reading sign and applying what I have learned to get it right. I have 3 boys who are learning from me. I also know we learn the most from our mistakes. ;)

Thanks Tom. But I think I will be taking along another set of ears . I have kids here who hear anything I whisper to Mom about them. ;)

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