Gators and Sharks


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Apr 8, 2019
Cheyenne, Wyoming
A tourist was sports fishing off the Florida coast one day when is boat capsized.

He was a good swimmer, but his fear of alligators kept him clinging to the overturned boat.

After a while he saw an old beachcomber walking along the shore, so he shouted over to him,"Are there any gators around here?"

The old man shouted back, "Naw,they ain't been around for years."

This reassured the tourist and, feeling safe, he started to swim calmly and leisurely toward the shore.

He'd got about halfway when he shouted out and asked the old guy,"So, how'd you get rid of the gators?"

The old beachcomber replied, "We didn't do nothin;."

"All the sharks got 'em."