Fork that mount


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Jul 6, 2016
Probably my favorite mount. taxi wouldn’t send me a pic so I had to go pick it up to see it. I don’t even have a house to hang it as we are in the process of a new build and just framed out, so it went to my daughters for now. Super clean mount, love the cape, and like every mount there’s a story behind it.

The other day I was in a gals house and there was a full African lion mount in the entry. We got to talking hunting and she showed us her “shed” from her and her passed husbands adventures. Not mine to share the pictures of but what was undoubtably several million dollars and a lifetime of adventures worth of what we all love stacked on the walls of a shop, few know exist and even fewer know the stories behind. All just sitting there in Livingston collecting dust.

Got me to thinking, make sure to pass along the story with the trophy.

Anyhow here he is.

BBAF4A84-DCD3-41DE-A00F-95FE269BADF5.jpeg 1026AD3C-009C-4F70-B68F-A9B6B669A559.jpeg


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May 16, 2020
What a cool deer! I’d take him today, and twice on Sunday. I love how bladed he looks. Is it weird to call him a Super 2? Or is he a Super 3? How old do you think he was?