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Dec 25, 2000
Since we are packing in on horses this year it will be differnt than our past hunts. Either we have camped by the road or back packed. We can carry more weight than back packing, but things like bread and milk might not make it.

I would love to hear any meal suggestions. I am sure we will have a big share of dehydrated meals, but a few traditional meals would be real nice.
Now this is a useful topic and obviously very important as its hard to hunt eating leaves and tree bark. Since we pack in to the back country each year...I can give you some tips. However, many areas ban fires and this can make things tough.

1) Bread...Buy bagels. The new york kind. They pack well...can take abuse, and will not mold or get soggy. Hard Salami...will keep forever..and cheese. There you have the basic hunting lunch. Cin/raison and you have your breakfast.

2) Meat: We use horses...and they have paniers. About a week before the hunt, get your beef (Steaks avoid ground) and wrap them in newspaper outside of the white butcher paper. Hard freeze your meats and then pack in one small cooler for packing into the pack country. Will serve as your "Ice" and will keep cheeze etc. cool. Last year in Sept. we still had frozen meat on the last day of a 7 day hunt.

3) Potatoes and onions...wrap in Foil...cook in the fire. Will keep well.

4) Fruit : Bag of oranges, Apples, Pears...will keep well also.

5) Rices: easy to cook...easy to eat.

6) Beans: Canned or bagged, just take plenty

7) Squeeze margerine....will last.

8) Avoid Chicken and Ground beef...but you can take a pork tenderloin and freeze it as well. Wrap in Foil and throw it in the fire too. (We take a little metal grill top...and use it.)

9) We pack in paper plates we can burn our garbage completely.

Really, there is nothing that you can't pull off if you want it bad enough. In the mornings, make a sandwich or two...wrap in paper...and an apple and pear etc...throw in your pack and off you go. Steak and potatoes at nite. Forget the's like cleaning glue. Also, don't concentrate on breakfast too much...getting out of camp quickly is better.

Good luck!

You could trail a goat up with you and there would be your camp meat. If there is a bunch of you. Take a calf or medium size cow...The ones the 4-H raises would probably be the best since they are already trained to lead by a halter....Or you could just eat one of your horses...bring lots of salt and pepper... :D :D :D
Good point Elkchsr.....and may as well trail up a hog or two as well, there's your breakfast bacon and dinner ham!....may spend all week playing butcher, but you will be eatin' good! ;) ...and Elkchsr......I'm surprised you didn't jump all over that first reply on this thread, which insinuated a fellow would have a tough time surviving on grass and bark! :eek: can get a small plastic "hard box" to fit in your can handle bread, eggs, and anything else you may want that is fragile........and none of the guys are eating enough to keep them alive.......they need to come to one of my camps for breakfast of dinner! :D
Thanks RoadTrip,

I was really wondering about what to do for bread. That is a great idea with bagels. I have a variety of soup recipes that come straight out of the can, so we will be in good shape on those.

I like the idea of getting an elk the first day, I will see if I can arrange that.
Well DS!!!
I think pigs would be hard to trail..LOL!!!
Grass and bark are very good for you, as The late Yule Gibbens would have said. Most parts are edible... :D
I do belive he died from eating the wrong thing though.... :D :D :D
Dale T; Tortillas make a good bread subsitute also!! -memtb

Velveeta Shells & Cheese will make one dinner. Add a small can of ham and a small can of pees to make an entire meal.

Dinty Moore canned beef stew is easy and tastes OK when served hot and poured over some bread.

Also don't forget some Williams Country Gravy mix with sausage. Pour over bread rolls to make a fair approximation of biscuits and gravy.

Don't forget the Cup-O-Noodles.

Hey DS, I think I'll take you up on that !

Get ahold of one of thoses seal-a-meal things. Pre-cook things like stew, pork & beans (home made), chili anything you would make in a crock pot. Bag & seal it into two serving bags and freeze it hard. Use a soft ice chest ( we call em freezer bags )
Trail mix & jerkey make a good "field lunch"
Fully cooked sausage products like Kielbasa work good.
Freeze dried fruits, veggies and starchs are OK, but I hate most freeze dried meats.
If you like coffee, get thoses ind. coffee bags, they look like tea bags, and let you make one or two cups at a time.

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Old redneck catches a lot of flack, but he would be a hellatious pack horse, He's perfect five feet tall and 5 feet wide, built solid as a brick shit house.

If we had him, we could put a whole camper trailer on his back with a camp cook in it.

You know he has to be tough, because he hauled Jimmy's butt around all week, never got winded and didn't sweat. Hell the saddle didn't even mess up his hair. Now that's a horse. :D :D :D
jimmyD..FYI.. A case of beer weights 25 one horse can carry about 8 cases just enough for one week..
p.s put it one your best pony.. don`t want to lose it :D
Want I should haul him down there for Jimmy again? :D If for nothing else, Jimmy can get some sweet revenge and load him solid and heavy, real heavy. :D :D

You bring his A$$ down here and I got a 300 I'll put right between his eyes!!!!! I don't care how good of a pack horse he'd make.... The only thing I'd do with him is turn him into dog food.....

:cool: :cool: :cool: :cool:
Here's a recipe we used to make:

1 can corned beef hash
1 can corn
1/2 c ketchup

mix and heat. Sounds gross. Looks gross. Tastes gooooood. They even make low fat hash if you are watching that girlish figure. Very lo-fuss meal
I think I'd rather bond with a big dude in an 8x8 cell than have to spend another day with that damn horse!!!!!!
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