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Casey Richardson

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Mar 18, 2002
Missoula, Mt/Wollaston Lake Saskatchewan
Well, I just had a cancelation on a fly out bear hunt. I have already scheduled the flights and guide for the hunt. We are flying to a new lake that has never been hunted before, and has only been fished a couple times about 10 years ago. The lake hold northern pike and lake trout and is excellent fishing.
The gentleman that had planned the hunt was paying a very high price to open this camp, but has cancelled because of conflict with a polar bear and trip to New Zealand, I guess black bear hunting was third pick.
But anyway, regular price in this hunt is $4,500. I have already got a big portion of my expenses covered with deposit and a group of fisherman, soooo I am looking for 4-6 hunters. I will fly you out with one of the guides on Sunday June 13th. You can hunt through Saturday night June 19th and the floatplane will pick you up Sunday June 20th. You bring your chow and cook for yourself and we will take care of the rest. If there are 4 hunters $2500 per person, if there is 6 $1950 per person. As moosie can tell you the floatplane flights in Alaska will cost almost this much for a drop camp type hunt. Any takers?
Happy hunting, Casey
Just for clarification, as tempting as it is - and boy am I tempted!

Are there baits and stands set up? (The one guuide stays, right?)

What type of accomodations are there? Outfitter tents? A lodge?

(Now I'll be a smart aleck - if the lake hasn't been fished in 10 years, how do you know what is in it and that the fishing is excellent?) ;)
The baits will be set up the first week of June and they will set the stands then. There will be a couple wall tents set up and we will be "roughing it." I have 12 lakes on my fishing and outfitting lease. The previous owner flew about 50 lakes with a floatplane and little boat and fished them through out one summer. He picked the 12 best he could find and paid for the lease on each one of them. This lake was great for lake trout and very good for northerns back then, but you are right, I don't know what it is like now. It is a deep lake so there is no chance of it freezing out and no one else is allowed to fish on it, if a plane landed on it to fish the bushplane outfitt would have let me know. Thanks for the great questions. Happy hunting, Casey
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