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Dec 1, 2019
I am headed north to Iowa this week. I am finally going to get out to chase some pheasant and maybe stumble upon some quail or maybe it will be the other way around. This is my first time chasing any upland birds. I am finally getting my Draht out for his first upland trip. He is a few months shy of 2 years old. Hopefully we can find some birds and I can handle my part of the shooting. I am getting excited for this hopefully in a few days I will have some pics to share of our first upland birds together.


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Well made a quick day trip up to south central Iowa today. Found a few birds but didn't end up shooting any. It was my dogs first time on wild birds and it humbled him. We could have shot some quail but he didn't wanna hold his point for me to come up and flush and I didn't wanna reward his behavior of flushing them himself. It was kinda warm so I think that may have made it a little harder on him. We did find some pheasant that he pointed very well. They all ended up being hens so no shots there. Definitely a good trip and great experience for my young dog we will be back.
Beautiful dog @Midwestwhitetail. What have you been primarily using your Draht for the last couple of years?
I know they’re an extremely versatile hunter, that’s why I’m just curious.
The last 2 seasons have been pretty limited on hunting. I have tried to focus hard on the training and trying to limit bad habits. But I have had him out for waterfowl a few times last year and this year. He is a water loving freak! He has also been tracking deer for me since he was about 9 months old. His ability to shine in situation I throw him at has been awesome. He passed his VJP and HZP hunt test with the VDD-GNA this year so now it's time to hunt the socks off him before we prepare for the VGP test.
I see @Midwestwhitetail. Hope the first two tests yielded the results you were seeking.
I’m about to jump into the Draht world so your posts are fun for me to read. Keep the updates coming!!!! Good luck the rest of the season.
This is my first gun dog. So the test results blew my expectations out of the water. I have done all the training myself with the help of some great friends that know way more than myself. These dogs are one of a kind the drive to please their owner is amazing and the desire to be right by your side is next to none.
Two years ago I tried my dogs tracking someone's gutshot whitetail buck. Lab and Fr Britt did a great job tracking it to the river. I could see where the buck left a trail of slobber climbing the cutback on opposite side. Unfortunately, it was too late for me to drive around to the opposite side. I gave the guy my phone number to try again in the morning. He didn't call. Never yet needed dogs to find any big game I've shot.

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