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First muzzle loader kill


Dec 13, 2000
Around the corner ,Indiana
Went out sunday and saw 23 does between my friend thatI hunt with and I. About 15 minutes before dark 3 does were 30 yards or less form me. I picked out the biggest one and pulled the trigger.

I just got the gun saturday (thompson Encore) so I felt that I needed to make sure it preformed well:D

Guess I will go ou tomarrow since its going t rain and I cant work, and see if I can get me a buck!

Nut it this pic doesnt post I could use the help again. I tried to edit the post this am and the whole thing deleted:(


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nut thanks for the help, I have never did i the way that you told me But I tried it and it works.

I use to use photopoint before they tried to make money:D

Sorry the deer isnt in the woods with no blood visable.....you know me, always trying to be PC as possiable :rolleyes:

By the way she was 3 to 4 years old and dressed 150 lbs, cut the front shouders for jerky, grilled one of the backstraps last night and took the deboned hind quarters to the butcher and got 48 lbs of burger:D
Congrats Jason!!! Was that a Gibson Co. doe?? I've been dreaming of an Encore for a few years now. I want a stainless one with a laminate stock. Maybe down the road...
Jason, WAY TO GO GUY!!!!!!! I've been hunting 43 years and this year was the first time I tried smokepoles. I got my first one too!! I did it with a flintlock, but no matter which type we used, It was a real rush, wasn't it????? I never thought I could get that shaky again with all my experience but I swear I was shaking as bad as my first deer so many years ago. Happy huntin'. G :D :D :D

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