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First Bear


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Dec 20, 2000
Jackson, Wyoming
Well it may not have been the total hunting experience, but I got my first bear today. We just finished having dinner on the deck, nice juicy steaks and came inside. We were not inside for more than about 15 seconds when LB said there was a bear outside. Naturally I thought she was full of it and walked over to the door to the deck. Well sure enough, there was a friggin bear eating our birdseed at our deck. I yelled at it and it ran about 30 feet and came back. Heck with the screen door, I pulled the glass door across and told LB to call 911 so they could contact G&F. I then went and got my .454 Casull and the pepper spray while we were waiting for G&F to get here. It took him about 40-45 min to get here and used cracker shells on it and it ran and climbed a big cottonwood tree. Then it came back down and the cracker shots meant nothing to it. He then used pepper spray and it ran back up the tree. He emptied the whole can on it and it had absolutely no effect on it. It climbed about 25 feet up and stayed there. Being that there is no ordanance against discharging a firearm (called the sheriff office)and I had a bear tag they said it would be leagal for me to take it. Problem was my tag was in my truck which was in town at the shop. He gladly took me into town to get my tag and back up here before daylight ended. Well the rifle I bought just for bear got Christened tonight, POW!!!! the 45/70 hit it's mark and it came crashing down and hit the ground like a ton of bricks. Only got a couple of pictures on digital so here is one of them.

Congrats Elkhunter, heck I'd do the same thing in your case.Obviously you tried to give it fair chase,it wasn't having it.My guess is the Good Lord picked one out and sent it your way,and that was His way of letting you know it was YOUR bear!

Congrats Bud! You gonna get a full body mount or a rug or what ?

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Congrats Bill

Thats the way MEATHEAD likes to hunt
close to the house and easy...hahaha
When I first saw it I was thinking between 175-200 pounds. When G&F arrived, the first thing he said was it is over 200 pounds. It was a real old sow but he didn't know exactly how old and was full of fat.

Seldom, I am going to have a rug made. The hide is in good condition.
Well CONGRAAAATS,Buddy,I am really happy for you!! That will make a good story to tell the grandchildren,especially if you embellish it a bit while they are sitting on the how it tried to open the screen and you got the glass closed just in time.....

I love to watch a little kids eyes get real big,like on Christmas morning
Way to go Bill.....
I don't know why you don't just sit off your back deck with a hand full of tags and keep them filled that way, the owners of your complex may get a little pertebed I would suppose about all the gut piles, but heck!!What the hey!!!
Congrats again!!!!!
Hmm, Let's see he has elk about 15 minutes from the house and deer about 10 minutes past there. Now Bear on the patio. That's what I call a target rich environment!

Let me know when my room is ready Bill, I'm adopting you and LB.... Hey Mom, what's for dinner??

Way to go Elkhunter.
Nothing wrong with a easy pack back to the house once in a while LOL
That will make a great rug.


You should of had LB video tape that.
LOL Dan..
And as their newest kid, you would do well to follow them around the garage sales..
"Dad, can I have this and this and one of those"!!!
You forgot to mention those huge Moose that are in his yard every winter. With all those big guns he has, I bet he could keep his freeze full from his porch.
Right on - congrats! That's a great looking bear! I lightened up the coulor a bit. I like those roadhunter boots, too!