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Feb 27, 2002
a friend of mine has been trying to take me to his hunting club for the past few years.i left friday afternoon and got there early saturday morning just in time to get in a stand. i have seen these box stands before but never hunted from one, this thing had shooting windows with curtains a recliner and a propane heater. sort of like hunting from the hilton.i saw a family of 4 bobcats playing around and stayed in front of the stand all morning but didnt see anything else.since i drove all night i came in and took a nap until about 2 then back to another stand.i sat about an hour and out walks this doe i didnt see any other deer heading towards me so i popped her.turns out my .308 i got this year really is doing me good.BANG deer didnt even buckle, just fell over and kicked once. i waited till dark and drug the deer to the truck, my buddy called on the radio and said he was coming to help me get it and i said man its in the truck alredy.when he looked at it he laughed and said that must be the smallest deer ever killed in mississippi, i couldnt believe it if i were at home this would have been a decent size deer.all the guys at the camp laughed too but they all invited me to come back next year but 1300 miles round trip is a long way to drive for a weekend hunt. i would post a picture but mississippi has a 4 point minimum,( forked horn to you westerners) and that dam doe grew these small lumps on his head while he was laying there waiting for me. OOOPS. anyway i had a great time and finally got some venison to go with all this pork.