Finally! After 21 years of applying


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Jun 17, 2021
Well, 21 years of applying to hunt a LE bull elk in Utah, I have drawn a tag. I had been applying for a unit where Point Creep has gotten out of hand. In fact, I had better odds 5 years ago to draw that tag then I did the past two years. So...I decided I really wanted to hunt and have a good opportunity at a mature 6 point bull elk. Score means very little to me. Rather, after much contemplation, I realized what I wanted was to hunt during the rut, for a mature bull, with my friends and family around me. The rest didn't matter.

So...I changed to a unit that last year, with 20 points, was a 100% successful draw. At 19 points, there was no guarantee. This week, it was confirmed with a charge on my credit card for the LE elk tag. I have drawn the Pilot Mountain LE elk unit on the Nevada/Utah border. This hunt also includes the Nevada side (unit 091)which is really unique. Hunt is 9/11-10/2. Trying to decide now if I will take that first week and then possibly another 2-3 day hunt or two if required. I live about 3 hours from the unit.

I haven't personally spent time on this range, but I am very familiar with the range just North of there and have a good idea of what the terrain will be like. A friend of mine drew this tag a few years ago and killed a 345 bull. He said it was a total blast with elk bugling throughout the day. He is excited to help show me around and see the mountain again.

Needless to say, I am way excited. I will be putting boots on the ground end of this month and will try to get there several times to get familiar with the ground. Of course, if any of you have hints, advice, GPS locations to huge bulls tied to a tree, I am all ears, but I am way excited to get out there soon.

Congrats! I would definitely hunt the first week as the rut will be in full force. Jealous!


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Jun 23, 2021
Congrats on the tag! I lucked out on a tag just to the west of you for antlerless archery. Never been to the area but looking forward to scouting out zones 78, 105-107, and 121 in Nevada. Good luck!


Dec 7, 2014
Made a trip a few weeks ago and mainly used it as a way to get to know the layout a little better. Saw several large groups of elk which got my blood pumping. Hope to make it out again in the next couple of weeks and spend more time exploring away from the roads, specifically looking at water sources I have mapped out and to see the country more intimately. This drought out West is really rough though. Makes me a bit nervous.

If this wasn't already a "desert" type of hunt, I would be extremely nervous due to the lack of rain we have seen and the scorching temps. But seems that the elk are pretty used to it out that way. Hopefully I can find some good water sources that keep rolling all summer and don't have cattle pounding it like crazy.

I found an extra set of rims for my truck and bought some used tougher tires for this area. Should make getting around more safe. I can use my regular rims as a couple of back up spares.

Got my PhoneSkope for my spotter and phone and can't wait to start filming some elk in the next few weeks. Stay tuned and I will post some pics and video if I can figure it all out.

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