Finall got him (it?).....


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Jul 25, 2002
SW Colorado
No you big meanies......I didn't shoot an innocent little deer. :(

But I did get a little better picture of a fawn that is running around by the house. Thought you guys might enjoy a picture of a genuine piebald muley. :eek:

That's cool. I've seen a lot of piebald whitetail (pictures of them that is, but have never seen a piebald mulie. Thanks for the pic.
Looks like that little feller's pappy had a thing for Shorthorns.

Very neat critter and thanks for the picture.
I took pics of a cow elk like that once....problem was it was with a disposable camera and all the pics look like there ants.
That's a really cool picture.
Gato, that suck's,it would of made a good picture to see an elk like that.
MD4M........yeah it did suck, they was only 30 yds away and I thought I was going to have a cover photo for every outdoor mag around but when they developed I was pretty depressed, had to use the magnafying glass to pick her out.....a buddy of mine that runs cows up there seen her when she was a calf and has seen her off and on threw the yrs...I saw her around 2000 and I just talked to him last week he said he saw her this summer, shes getting up in age...would be cool to get some better pics of her.

According to Buttspy, via Cortez to Denver? this little guy was poached.

I confirmed yesterday with the neighbors that somebody SHOT THIS LITTLE GUY AND LEFT HIM LAY IN THE FIELD! :MAD

Great, some no good caulk suckin, mouth breathing, :BLEEP: knuckle dragging, :BLEEP: spurm burpin gutter slut, :BLEEP: shot this baby deer and left him lay in the field. :MAD If I find you you bastard I will shoot you in the guts and leave you for the coyotes. :BLEEP:

That's really too bad that someone had to go and shoot that deer. I, too, hope they find the poor heartless bastard that did it and do as you say "shoot him in the guts and leave him for the coyotes." Thanks for the update.