Fewer Bighorn hunting licenses will be issued


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Dec 20, 2000
Jackson, Wyoming
With many sheep dying off in the area, less permits will be given out this year in the Jackson area of Wyoming. Read the story below.

A total of 29 bighorn sheep have now been found dead in the Jackson Hole area since the beginning of winter. Pneumonia is the suspected cause of the Sheep die-off, but wildlife officials are not sure of the source of the disease, or of how it is being spread. The Jackson Hole Bighorn herd was counted at right around 500 sheep before the die-off started. Because of the high number of sheep that have died this winter, fewer Bighorn hunting licenses will be issued for the area. Last year, 28 licenses were granted, this year there will be only 20.
From what I have read and heard in the past is that Pneumonia is and has been a very serious thing amoung the sheep. Some years is worse than others, like this year.
I guess we had a bad spout of sheep die off a couple years ago. But fortunatly, the game dept. catchs these. We also keep getting sheep replants from somewhere. The sheep factory I gues... :D
Bighorns have serious dieoffs when one or more of the herd come in direct contact with domestic sheep. Wild sheep have little imunity to domestic's diseases, much like Native Americans had little imunity to Europeans diseases. Other factors could be involved here as well and is probably the case, since the die off is not that severe. Poor range or crowded conditions may be stressing the sheep and making them suseptable to disease. As of yet there is no known cures. Get involved with organizations such as Foundation for North American Wild Sheep or FNAWS if you want to help make a differnce.

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