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Feet first-aid???


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Dec 20, 2000
When hiking/hunting and you start to get a hotspot or blister, how do you treat/remedy the situation? This is the result of my last scouting trip!
I felt the hotspots, but my wife was goading me for not keeping up, so this is the result.

Do you apply moleskin directly to the skin? What about lubes? Any suggestions on how to eliminate the slippage on the heel? Any and all advice appreciated.

FWIW, these boots are two years old and well broken in. I had to problem with them in the past, but the last two times out I've started getting blisters on my heels.
WOW 1 point.....those are really some HONIES! If you haven't already done it, the roofs of those blisters need removed with steril scissors and then cleaned and bandaged with antibacterial ointment. Be careful to replace the bandages as they become wet, loose, or dirty.

As far as preventing blisters, you relly had some extreme friction to cause those blisters. Try a couple pairs of socks next time, especially a liner sock that wicks away moisture. Moisture must also be present to form blisters like those generated by friction. You could also use a drying agent in your socks such as foot powders and antiperspirant sprays containing aluminum chlorhydrate or aluminum chloride. A little bit of vaseline on the area before hiking can help both on the friction and keeping moisture away......moleskin applied as soon as you felt discomfort would have helped tremendously.......I take it your wife likes leather, whips and chains also!
OWWW! I feel your pain. I will often apply moleskin to potential problem areas before I put my socks on, especially if I've had problems with those boots before. I also always use polyprop socks under my thick boot socks. Once I do feel friction, I try to put moleskin on as soon as possible.

You've been given some good advice on how to treat those blisters now that you have them.

I can't stand to look at the picture!
Thanks guys! Needless to say, I WILL NOT be without moleskin again!
I did treat them with antibiotic ointment that night after I rubbed them with alcohol to toughen up the skin. Wife's a nurse and she used this as an experiment, she wanted to make me be the one to say 'Uncle'. I guess the German in me just took too long to get the message!
<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>I guess the German in me just took too long to get the message!<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>That's what they said about WWI just before we kicked their a$$ in WWII.
I was going to suggest moleskin too, but it looks like you've got that covered.
Dude, that's ugly!!

Whitedeer's suggestion of a liner sock is good. I don't know what kind of socks you were wearing, but regular cotton is not the way to go. If you haven't already, try a pair of Thorlo's, Bridgedale's, Smartwool's, or REI Merino Wool socks.

How do your boots fit?

I had Smartwool hiking socks on, but they are a few years old. The boots just recently started giving me this problem, they are 2yrs old. Just in time for hunting season!!

It only felt bad on the steep uphills, but it did smart some!
Damn Tyler that looks painful..

Thats one reason I like az I can wear tennis shoes.

April is queesy from that pic.
OUCH Man that's got hurt some kinda bad. Never had blisters like that so can't give a remedy. Hope you get it fixed before your next trip.
I have had small blisters in my youth, but nothing like that. You must be nuts putting alchohol on it, that had to add to your pain already there. You should have just added salt to it to dry it out and toughen it up.
I think I would be looking for a new pair of boots.
O.K. guys heres a dumb question for you how do you apply the moleskin? and are we talking the same kind of moleskin we use on the arrow rest of our bows?
I need to sit down now that picture makes my feet hurt.
Oh guys, they look worse than it was. One the uphills I kinda hobbled like an old man. The downhills were fine.

Moleskin is sticky on one side an you just slap it on like tape.
1 pointer,,Those are the main reason that I carry Band-Aids in my wallet..They work for more than cuts...When you start feeling the hot spots, thats the time to stop and cool your feet..Take off your boots and socks, and cool your feet with your water,,Soak a handkerchief,and hold it on your feet until the heat goes away, dry your feet and put the band-aids over that spot...

Thems some nasty blisters dude...I have seen blisters that were so bad that they were full of blood.

gar man........moleskin is a soft, smooth cotton flannel padding and for skin protection it usually has a self adhering adhesive on the backing......I think Dr. Scholl's moleskin is most widely used for foot blisters. As for other uses, anywhere you want to use a fabric having a thick soft shag (like the skin of a mole, duh!) like an arrow rest, it may be applied.
Tyler - the suggestion made by several of us concerning a liner sock may eliminate the need for new boots, if you were not wearing some. I have found the polyprop and soft, thin merino wool liner socks both work well inside the wool socks. I do not wear cotton socks inside boots when I am hiking. And if I have gotten hot spots, I apply the moleskin as soon as I notice them. I find the moleskin stays in place better than bandaids, but bandaids are better than nothing.
well, you could use moleskin...or ya could let the dog lick-um!
Wow!! Man that's crazy and your wife needs a spankin!!take care it, all kiddin aside letting your feet get to that condition is more than uncomfortable its dangerous, I saw a hiker who got an infection and almost lost a foot over less than that, do what everyone says ,stop the problem when it first shows up,I use moleskin, the kind with a precut hole for small spots and the solid pads for general hot spots I have used duct tape on more than one occasion to cover the whole area, you do have duct tape wrapped around your water bottle of I change out socks on the trail. tie the sweaty ones to your pack and wash em in a creek if you want, dry and then reuse, those feet could screw up your whole huntin season...maybe thats what the little women had in mind!!! h2m
I have used duct tape on hot-spot prone areas before getting started and it works well. Somtimes the fuzzy side of the moleskin can get balled up under your sock and come off when it gets to rubbing. Duct tape helps that not to happen as bad and make sure to use the duct tape BEFORE mr.blister appears or you will have a nice blister attatched to the tape after removal.
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