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Fawn distress call


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Mar 28, 2001
Ohio but my heart is always in the woods
It sure works. I tried one out Saturday night while I was out scouting. As I was leaving a area I saw 2 fawns go into the woods from the field. So I started calling on a call and lo and behold I had one run up to me to within 20 yards. It tried to get upwind of me but I was located just right. This fun lasted 20 minutes and even while I was standing up the deer came back to me after flagging me.

Here is a pic. It sure is hard taking pics one handed. I have more but this is where it is close to me.

I use the DEER TALK by E.L.K. Inc. works really well. It can be blown from either end and has an adjustable elastic. One end for just calling and the other for fawn in distress. Neat how they seem to lose their fear and come back to challenge the preceived threat to their young.
This call seems to work well out here, I was at my inlaws on Hoods canal and give it a go on a local doe that hung around. She came back stomping and carring on. It was really fun to watch...
Thanks Fred, that was great....
I drive my neighbors nuts when I practice out at the picnic table. I taught myself buck, doe and fawn calls using my mouth so I can use them while drawing. I have used ALL in order to take deer over the past 5 yrs with about 65% success. It sure beats watching the flag wave bye-bye!!
I've also blown at deer and then make the hacking sound simular to the "hairball effect" and foot stomping during the rut in order to attract deer. Up here there is virtually no concentrated rut, with buck/doe ratios of up to 1/20. The only real solution is be a deer!!

Nut this doe came running in within 2 minutes and it suprized me with the fawn showing up shortly after. The funny part was watching the fawn, it didn't know if it should crap or run away. It would take off for about 10 yrds then stop run back to the doe. My boys and I were standing in the wide open and they came within 30 yrds of us. The whole episode lasted about 5 minutes.
Chas031 I kid my boys all the time about becoming one with the woods and in effect thats about what it boils down to. I'm doing a little scouting this week-end we'll see whats up with the bucks.