Elk Ranch Hunts Again Legal in Montana?


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Dec 22, 2000
Klein, Texas
I spoke with a fenced elk operation this weekend who told me that I143 was overturned by the Montana Supreme Court and that he was back in business again....interesting....
Great. Now MT can once again be a canned elk shoot destination for a couple hundred dumbass fat-boy losers who can't hunt real elk. Whatever floats thier boat I suppose.

If that is true, which I doubt it... Next time the people who want the game farm business to have the shit together... will do it correctly. I-143 was flawed from the start.. but next time it won't be.

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im so jacked, one of my favorite hobbies is too jump the fence and shoot them 420B&C bulls in the ass with my 22. Now i can keep doing it.
Saves them bulls the disgrace of having their rack hanging on some fat-ass texans office wall listening to him brag about his montana wilderness unt.
That's why I posted..... I was curious if it was true. I don't reckon that the operator was trying to drum up business in Houston this last weekend if he could not deliver the goods. It was the Yellowstone Ranch, near Sidney. :confused:
Finally......Now I can go on my first elk hunt and get the trophy I have always wanted!!!

I promise not to brag about my "wilderness hunt," I will be proud to tell the real story. :D
Anyone ever find out the truth? C'mon, 280... we won't razz you too bad, honest. IF it's true, that is...

:confused: :confused: :confused:
So far the law is still there prohibiting the shooting of big game for profit. But only big game... says nothing about hybrids nor exotics. So you can still come pay big money to shoot a red deer or crossbred.
I checked with a couple of other guys who went to the Hunter's Show in Houston.... apparently there is an injunction on enforcing any I143 law until the case before the Montana Supreme court is resolved (I presume it is the Wallace case), so the court apparently has not ruled yet. The operation I spoke with was the Yellowstone Ranch near Sidney..... small acreage and high prices - not my cup of tea.
hello ladies,,,now think about this for a minute, don`t you think that if any of this was true it would have been reported on by every newspaper in the state? With all the Montana posters here and no one has heard a thing? As big as this issue is in the state i would think if it was true someone would have heard something. Now back to rounding up gear for caribou, leaving on the 8-26
280..... WHHHHOoooooooo 280 is leaving for AWHILE. !!! WAHHHhhhhoooo !!!!

I think his GReen card is Expired... BUT that's just whats in the Idaho papers.
I think all of Wallaces' elk are gone. The last time by there only a coupla big bulls were left, even most of the fencing is gone.
The Yellowstone ranch near Sidney, if I remember right, had a number of hybrids and exotics(fallow, red deer) These are NOT covered by any law in Montana. I143 was the biggest joke Mt has ever come up with, it does nothing to control the spread of disease or hybridization.
Which would you rather get loose from a game farm? a bunch of rocky mountain elk or a bunch of red deer? Both will breed our native elk.

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