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Elk hunting blues.....


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Feb 16, 2004
Boise, Idaho
Well been up tring to get my elk tag filled hopefully bull but will settle for cow, never-the-less been walking more than I could imagine trying to locate these sucker-bills and as luck would have it finally did; On the worstday of all! It was snowing/raining on me bout noonish and I figured hey real men hunt regardless the conditions, So I throw on my stearns $40 rain gear and cpl layers of clothes and head up for bout the dozenth time exspecting to see more of the same 'ol same'ol (fresh elk poo, and tracks but no elk!). Awhh but this time was different, new techniques than last week and half come into mind and execution, Finally called in two bulls by walking and calling but didn't know until I lifted head from putting on rain head gear to see them troting away through the thick forage. Disappointed but not as down because first time I had called in any elk b4 (said to self not bad for East Texas Boy). So pushed on wet and freezing but adrenalin pumping more than ever. I then said self post up here and throw out sum calls with the hoochie mama and low and behold not 30 seconds after here come a good cow. So I waited with bow drew back to see if there may be a bull coming around the way but she was a loner and I said might as well and flung one her wayquarter and away felt good bout shot but mis-judged a hair and away she went with no blood covering arrow :( . But still encouraged I pushed on hunting harder than ever drinched to come out of this trip empty handed. Let down but not beaten plan on going back up with my sticks-and-string to take another crack at it b4 season ends, want it something bad with bow but if all else fells got rifle and smoke pole to go, but the satisfaction to me is much sweeter with sticks-and-string
Keep after em' there teammate! I'm about ready to switch from bow to my .44mag for the local blacktail population out here....seems like nothing wants to get within 50-60 yards of me this year and thats out of Marv's self-imposed stick range :( ....a 300gr Corbon through the boiler would work though
dont forget u scored a couple days earlier with bow on muley so your doing good this yr. keep head up ill be there shortly to show ya how to do it with the front end loader
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