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Elk hunt question

To me NO,but that is just for me. Everyone has different opinions of what a trophy is. My best trophy to date was my very first elk, a cow.

I don't hunt elk. Would like to someday, but I don't see the money or the time coming together very soon.
Every animal I kill is a trophy. I don't beleive fence hunting is hunting. It's shopping. They put price tags on critters and if you want a trophy just be willing to pay the price. You shoot, they gut and drag, while you go back to your luxurious chalet for caviar and champagne to celebrate your kill. I don't have any problem with someone else draggin my deer, I trick my sons into as often as possible, but they catching on after 15 years of doing it. Nah they ain slow just good kids.
Depending on the area they have to hunt. I would never hunt in a area like this. But I guess if you had money and wanted to make sure you had the meat then go for it. Whats the difference of buying a T-bone in the store and being able to pick out a good bulle buck or whatever. Its all up to the person hunting or purchasing them.
Just a thought. Handicapped and can't make it afield and this is the only way to hunt them? I would take my wife or kids or whoever on a hunt like this and what do you tell them ? Thats not a trophy just meat.
Is kinda a catch 22 if they are as I explained.
Another thing is is guide services? Same thing isn't it? Guides know where they are in a general area. Some people just dont have the time to scout or the time to take off.
So I guess it can open a can of worms.LOL
It's all for the money I believe and its a market people will pay for.
I was lurking over at MM last night on the elk forum and see this pic of a monster bull but in the background is a chainlink fence with barbwire on top. I don't know if it was taken behind the fence for sure. I hunted VERY hard this year for a big bull with no success. I need to hunt smarter and harder. Anyway, i saw that pic and got all woundup, too many beers maybe.
<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR> I was lurking over at MM <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Anyway, i saw that pic and got all woundup <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

SEE, When ya leave the Comforts of HuntTalk.com you loose all the comfort of home and Get riled up
On that note... Stay here and I'll rile ya up !!!! Buuuahahahha !!

I like to jump the fence (So to speak) and take the other side. I think any animal is a Trophy. Whether you shot it in the Wild or Shot it behind the fence. Whether it's a 30" 4x or a 11" forkey horn... HEre is 2 examples.

1. Let's say you hunt, can't get one and then shoot one behind the fence because you have the money. Will you enjoy it ? Will you love it ? Will you show it off ?

Now, Lets say you're trying to have a BABY, but can't so you Adopt because you have the money. Will you enjoy it ? Will you love it ? Will you show it off ?

You might say it's a BAD example but it's Exactly what it is Apples to Apples. We as Hunters pride ourselves in working hard, and Taking care of the Animals we shoot. Some of those same people (COUGH BUZZ, Washington Hunter, Ithica .. Etc) looks down on people that shoot something behind the fence because they are FAT and Out of shape Slob hunters.

I've been on a Behind the Fence hunt ? Does it make me A slob hunter ? Any one want to Go TOE-TOE in the Woods with me ? MAybe for a Small wager

Example 2.

I love paintings. MAN, If I could draw one I'd do it in a Heart beat... BUT I can't. So, I'll spend $500 on a Duck painting. Does that make me bad ? I didn't paint it (Or shoot it in the wild if you're following my logic which most of you against fence hunters don't
) Will I say that I painted it ? Heck no, But I'll hang it just the same.

If someone shoots an Elk behind the Fence and says they did so, So be it. I only disagree when they lie about it and say it was on public land.

I could bring out the Examples of Bows with "CAMS", fishing with Bait, and hunting bears with Hounds or over baits.. Don't get me started on Shooting a Deer out of the Field from a tree stand or enclosed house as I call them with heaters and TV's....

Anaconda Warned ya about the Can of worms, There ya go
Yep, this topic will turn to shit real quick.

My main gripe with high fence hunts isnt about the people doing it, just about WHERE and WHY.

For starters the staunch game farm hunters think there ought to be ranches for them to shoot pen-raised animals in every state. I think they have enough opportunity in other states and Texas alone has enough places to keep the entire U.S. in game farm hunts, cool, fine with me. But, when some ten-watt bastard from California wants to raise elk on a farm in MT so his lazy buddies can get the "big sky experience"...kiss my ass. Take your buddies down to Texas, I have no problem with it there.

I guess where I draw the line is where my public herds are sacrificed so some dumby can have his own private herd of deer, elk, etc. etc.

Its all about ethics really, and each person has to set their own...I'm positive where I stand.

Oh, and Moosie, I wouldnt take too many bets on your woodsmanship, theres plenty of people on this board that can more than handle themselves in the outdoors, you can safely wager on that...
<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>theres plenty of people on this board that can more than handle themselves in the outdoors <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Buzz... I'm sure there are plenty, (Or at least one or two
Me knowing you are one of them. I'm just saying that the Sterio type of someone hunting a Ranch isn't always a Fat ASSed ATV rider (Another sterio type).

I'd just be willing to go toe to toe (with a pack on up in the mountains with someone that said just because I've been behind the Fence I can't hold my own in the "REAL" world. That Just isn't so. But I'm sure that is a Statment you also knew.
Moosie, I knew what you meant...

My point was that theres a whole hell of a lot more to woodsmanship than being able to hike (with or without a pack)

Just like the issue of "hunters" who cap animals behind the wire, theres a whole lot more to being a hunter than pulling a trigger....
Maybe next year I'll have to go with ya and learn some "WAYS". I always thought it was jsut Hiking and Pulliing the Trigger. But I'll admit, I have alot to learn being new to this "Hunting" stuff
I love high fence hunts, usually all the creature comforts of home are provided, you can even get the "guide" to carry your gun until you need it. Then pick your animal. Sneak up close with a bucket of grain and shoot when ready. Makes for a clean kill and the guide doesn't have to chase your animal far since you only have to take a five foot shot...
After your done with your "TROPHY" you tell the rancher where you want it sent and they will take care of every thing from there, including mounting and shipping!!!
I don't think just because there is a fence that it's immediately a canned hunt. I have never hunted in any type of fenced ranch unless you count the fenced farms of Indiana but some of the outfitters I represent in Texas do offer fenced hunts but some on over 100,000 acres, hardly a canned hunt or a penned up animal. I think a fenced hunt on some of these really small acreage can't be all that exciting but I know that most hunters except the western ones hunt on property that isn't even close to 100,000 acres. I would also think that fenced elk is less of a sport then fenced whitetail deer given the huge natural range of an elk over a whitetail. An elk could and probably would at times leave the confines of 100,00 acres, but with a whitetail what's it going to matter to him or the hunter if there is a fence around 100,000 acres, he isn't even going to travel around all 100,000 acres let alone leave it fence or no fence,chances are the deer or the hunters will hardly ever encounter the fence on a 100,000 acre ranch. So how is a fence on these very large ranches going to change the perspective of a hunt or the credibility of the hunt? JMHO
thanx for the Post man, thats what's good about here, you can Express your Feelings even if they are wrong, HELL, Just look at me, I'm wrong 90% of the time, and the rest of the time Im not sure
i dont think its a torphy to be shown off. i wouldnt be proud to say i took an animal that way...but thats just me. as far as the animal itself, if you have a world class animal that was pen raised, id deffinetey admire the animal (even then theres the point that it didnt really have to survive like others wold have), but i wouldnt admire the hunter that took it. i agree that its basically shopping.
"hhmmm, ill take that one, whats the price of him over there..."
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