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Elk Calls and calling

JB Florida

New member
Dec 9, 2000
Florida/Gulf ShoresAlabama
OK, so I got this package of calls for Christmas from cableas. Primos.
It has a bugle, and cow call.
I think I have the hang of the cow call,
But I just Suck at the bugle.

I will continue to work on it though.
The only thing is I live in a condo at the beach. The people around the pool seem really distressed over the calling.
Any ideas short of moving?

Maube I just just take them both down to the beach and work on calling while I backpack my boy Sterling in the sand?
He is 17 months and weighs 34 including the pack
I can tell Ive done something after my 4 mile round trip in the beach sand!
Gotta be ready for the Hunt
LOL JB, funny thing is... If I get to Practicing my ELk bugle.... Usually within 5 mins I hear a call from a neighbor somewere down the road, and shortly after another one even further away.. the closer to the season the more response I get

I'd worry more on the Cow call... forget the Bugle, way overrated for working elk, I think (Personal thinking here) that it's great for locating but closing the gap.. use a cow call.

Also, practise while driving... Makes for a good sound barrier, And if the window is open, And ya piss someopne off, who cares, when the light turns green you're gone anyways right ?
Moosie has also been known to practice his elk calls in the boise international airport! after a brief explanation of what the long cylindrical ribbed item under his arm was they let him proceed to the gate

people were lookin around like what the hell was that!
too funny!

my dog used to freak out when i would practice elk calls and my wife goes ballastic when im getting ready for turkey season but oh well, they get over it!
That must have turned some heads in the airport.
I have never used a bugle and only rarely use a cow call. I think the bugle has been overused in the past and is not quite as effective as it once was. I hear elk bugling less and less each year. But a few miles away in Grand Teton Park they are as vocal as ever.
YAH... I had it on my back around my neck, It was the terminator Bugle, not a small one by Any means... I went through the security and they seen it and 2 guys held me and checked it out. they looked through it and Smelt it.. You'd think At a Idaho Airport they'd know what he heck it was
I ten made it down to the spot and they came walking out. When I seen Them I took in a deap breath and Let a bugle roar. I could see the hairs on the Back of DKO's neck stand up in Excitement... Everyone else wondered WTF that was

Elky, We have bugleing all the time here in places. But I just don't think for calling one in it's the best way. I'm wondering in years to come if even the Cow call will work... But I guess only time will tell on that one.
Elky, If you heard women everywhere saying, "Hey guy, you wanna?? " Then you went and looked, expecting to find some babe hot and ready, then you discovered it was really some guy in camo with a rifle or a bow.... how many times would you go look? The call makers, in an effort to acquire more dollars, have inundated the woods with imitation Elk whores. Now none of the bulls knows what to expect. It's kind of like Southern California and the cross dressers there....


When you said Southern Cal. I thought you were going to mention the barbie production facilities. I think my neice is the ONLY brunette from LA to San Diego
The rest are blond, and busty.
LMAO You guy's...HAHAHAHAHA!!!!
I like to put a diaphram call in my mouth and let out cow calls in public places. No one knows from where it came, and places like Western Washington, most have never even heard any thing like that before....
It sure brings the goofy stares around from all with in earshot to see where that odd noise came from and there is me looking at all the rest to see where it came from also...
Good for you..Life is short, you may as well laugh and enjoy it!

That may be the reason I never visit the
ISSUES area. I don't have many issues with what I do for fun. There is enough BS with work that I really just come here for fun
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