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Electronic Calls - Phantom or FoxPro


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Jan 16, 2001
Rigby, ID USA
I think I got the wife convinced I need an electronic varmint call. Don't ask me how! Anyone have any experience with either the FoxPro Digital or the Extreme Dimensions Phantom? Appreciate any input, since I got the green light I want to get it right the first time!

Elkchaser, Iv'e tried a few over the years and always seem to go back to my mouth calls,one thing to be careful about here in Idaho, if your like me, you dream of the perfect calling stand and a big cat coming in, a cougar is the ultimate to call in, but since they are classified as big game you can not use a electronic caller, just a heads up.. ;) ;) h2m
I dont use a electornic call much anymore, if I do use one I use a regular boom box with a tape. I do like the johny stewart calls and the price is reasonable. If I was going to buy a call I think it would be the johny stewart one with the remote.. You can also make a call pretty easy and make it with a remote as well..... There are also ways to make them wireless between speaker and player.
Hey Elk Chaser,

I'm putting together an electronic caller using an MP-3/JS power pro/azden wireless mic setup right now so if you want one of the Phantoms I have one I'll sell you pretty cheap ($100.00??). I bought it last July just after they came out and it's been used very little. I'll throw in the belt holster I bought with it.

If you're interested in putting together an MP-3 setup let me know and I'll tell you more about it. If you're a serious caller it has some real advantages. A friend I hunt with tipped me off about this one. We've been using his and it works great.
I don't use electronic calls much, but one of the boys I hunt with does. He has the FoxPro and I was impressed with it last weekend. Good selection of calls and plenty of volume.

The come a choice of calls, if I remember right it is 8, 16 and 32, remote is also available. Extra of course.


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