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DS's Ram.....



Art had made the point using a kitchen table, a sheet, a dead ram, and some bad picture taking that if a pic is taken from below, it gives the appearance of larger taller, horns...suggesting I purposly took misleading photos.....

I posed the question to him about what effect a pic from above would be.....common sense say it would do the opposite.make the horns appear shorter as you move the camera upward......he ducked that question when he next posted on the "Pudding thread"...

Never the less..I will again put the pix up I am getting e-mails from both boards about, but this time they will have to hit Moosie's board to post a reply ;)

This pic was taken from about 12 feet away and from slightly ABOVE. You don't have to be an expert to see the camera is pointed down tpward the sheep and the horns are still past full curl.....not to mention there is about an inch of horn covered by the Sheep's long hair at the base of his horn's.....


now, any who would like to challenge it, knock yourself out.

All who agreed it was legal or agreed it was not right to challenge it in the manor in which it was....this is a good place for your post patting yourself on the bacls! ;)

All who accused the illegality of the sheep, or posted other defamatory remarks..this is a good place to post your apologies ;)

There is still a story with this sheep, but I am not up to it now.... :rolleyes:
As you view the pic.....I am just under 6 feet tall, standing upright shooting the pic...and the presence of the far side horn shows that this angle is not from below, but rather slightly above...
There was never any doubt in my mind from the first time it was spotted!!!!!
That's not just a dead friggin ram, thats a TROPHY FRIGGIN RAM. :cool:

I thought it was a good'en when I first saw it, but then the pics were gone when I started reading all the cr@p.

Good to have the pics back up, and I'd like to here the story that goes with'em some time.

I think some "I'm sorries are due now". :mad: :mad: :mad:
Hey DS...
He's not bad for a 5 year old ;)

Imagine how big he'd of gotten if you'd only let him grow up ;)

Best part is if thats a 31 inch horn, my dick just got a whole lot bigger ;) :D :D
Well, I read as long as I could without responding and was waiting for a close to the bets before I replied. In my opinion, the main insult provided by Sitkass was the statement about the ram not being a trophy. I firmly believe any animal taken with the help and companionship of a brother and good friend is a greater trophy than any taken by the direction of some over paid half knowledgable guide. This legal ram was well deserved and earned, but I will let DS give the details.
I must admit, I was a little worried when it was posted that the ram was a violation of game laws. I thought he said the ram looked violated by all, but didn't know how he was going to prove it. :eek:
LOLOL!!!Good one Bou!...now Greeny may check us on that last comment!..he told me to be sure and get the "dying quivers" from my trophy!

I know the boys will all be glad you finally weighed in...hell, Shitka posted over there that you were running scared...he might not have said it if he knew you only lived a few miles from him!LOL!

Anyway....the board tends to be slow during the day with mainly only the gusy without jobs posting :eek: ....but it picks up a lot as the sun goes down...so be sure to check back.

And hey, I put you up a thread on fireside....glad to have some family in here...KATY BAR THE DOOR!...I'm not sure these guys can handle two of us!HEEHEEHEE :D :D :D
I have an idea, after the sixty day drying period (heads will cool by then too), we'll set up a meeting place. I know a couple of BC certified scorers, and I'll pay the $20.00 to book the ram if it scores high enough. I have no doubt that it is anything but a legal ram, or that it is greater than full curl.

I can count 7 - 8 rings on the horns in the photo, I'm sure I can't see all of them because their so light colored. Great ram.

I'm still waiting to hear some "I'm sorrys". :mad: :mad:
Ten Bears.....you can save the $20 on paying to have it "booked".it ain't close and I ahve said that more than once. With the one side broomed back 4 and a half inches the score would suck!

But you are indeed correct that it will be full curl plus after the drying time as it is now....plus it has been judged to be at least 8 and some have said 9 while I happen to think he's 10 ;) ....but all experts who have looked at him (all 4!)...agree there are at least 8 clearly visible growth rings and the consenus is he's more than probably a 9 year old ram. No one that has seen him in person has ever questioned the ram's legality.

Good job Danr.....all you needed to be up there with Shitka was a kitchen table and a sheet! :eek:
it's a nice looking animal, that's for sure, thanks for posting the photo

the criteria sure are tricky, looking at the thread at 24hr

danr55, if you look at how Russ is drawing the "T" lines, it seems that choosing that angle is pretty tricky, it looks like he's picking a tangent at the edge of the lamb tip...?

I'm not convinced of full curl on that criteria with DS's sheep, but it could be that I'm picking the spot for the tangent wrong, or by not seeing all of the base the B angle could be different


in the ADFG guidelines posted at 24hr, they emphasize getting a view where the outside of the horn is a circle, not an ellipse

so, it looks like DS got a pretty good photo angle here by being a little above the sheep with the camera, but it looks like to get a circle the camera would've needed to be more to the right (in front of the sheep)....sooo... if I look at my computer screen edge on from the upper right... it looks less like an ellipse and more like a circle and... the ram looks like it makes full curl with a bit of room to spare...

Amazing... given sheep horns grow in this arc, there's only 1 specific viewpoint that gives you the circle... it'd be pretty frustrating if the sheep never turns that way while trying to make the call.

I wouldn't want to be in the position of having to make a snap judgement on one of these critters! I feel like I'm back in trigonometry. Anyone got a protractor?

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