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Drunk Redneck Pig Farmers


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Nov 14, 2002
You know you meet the weirdest people in the woods these days. Last night I was getting a box stand ready for a youth hunt we have in Louisiana, as I drove through our lease gate, there was a drunk redneck reading a motor/girlie magazine. I did'nt shake hands with him. He said he was waiting for a member of the deer lease, as he was a pig farmer who was going broke feeding them. He wanted to know if it would be OK if he let 60 head of pigs out on my lease! He said he could'nt drive on the pavement anymore as he did'nt have a license to drive anymore, so he liked to drive the back roads (and I guess just trespass for the fun of it)

I told him no, and to stay off the lease as we don't have insurace for drunks. I think I hurt his feelings
I just hope it ends there, hogs are getting to be a big problem around here. I guess he thought he was doing us a favor!