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Sep 4, 2001
This is what i'm looking for anyone who uses a drop camp our used one? Looking to book a drop camp but have no information on where to book one the cost the success of it good are bad is this something I should get into I just don't want to go into the mountains and a guide hold my hand and tell me to shoot that one second one in the back to me I still want to find the game and make my own decision just a drop camp to get me in the back mountains drop me off and I can hike the mountains from there just looking for information Thanks for the time in reading this and the info. DG
DG......sounds like a good plan, but most outfitters won't take you to their best spots....they have guided clients for those. Most drop camps I hear of are "dropped" too far from the best hunting.

You may consider renting your own horses and packing yourself in where you choose.....you can do that for the same price or less than paying an outfitter to drop you.
Hey DG.....if you set on being outfitted and still hunting on your own.....I ran across an awsome set-up this last week. Luark Ranch Outfitters will rent you a cabin, rent you horses and let you hunt their 2000 acres that access the National Forest as well.........their cliets killed a bunch of big shcit. Me nad Dan drove up and saw first hand. You can hunt on your own and use their cabin and horses, and they limit the amount of hunters......it starts at $770 for the cabin only.....or $1000 for the cabin and the horses. If I didn't have my own stuff, I'd be interested in it for sure. They had some real nice bulls piled up there and some dandy Muleys. They are out of Burns Colorado and works near the Flat Tops.

If you want their number shoot me an e-mail.
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