Dreaming of sheep....

T Bone

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Jan 8, 2001
West Slope, CO
Oh,those curves. The blocky muscular bodies. Full curls. Roman noses. Mass. Broomed horns. I'm gunning for a big one.

I'm just about ready. The gear list is full except for a few nicknacks. The list will be complete by Saturday.

The Kifaru pack arrived Tuesday. I'm impressed. I've loaded it up to 125 pounds and it distributes the weight as I hoped.

The rifle is smokin hot. I've shot over 200 rounds this summer working up the best load. I feel confident out to 400 yards.

Sheep shape. If I'm not there now I never will be. My goal was not to lose weight but while getting in sheep shape I've lost 20 pounds. I'm now a lean 202.

I do believe I'm ready.

33 days until blast off....

Flip me up a Private Message with the creeks you will be on, and I'll snoop around with the Commercial raft guys, and see what they have been seeing. Sometimes they know of what is hanging where...

I would have to disagree, you aren't ready. Just think if you are feeling this good now, what you are going to be like 33 days from now...still some time to get a bit more leaner and meaner. Here is to you and all the luck, sounds like you have worked hard for this one already.

The Alaska season starts in 10 days. I would typically be leaving for the mountains in 8 days. Not this year though, I have 35 more days before I leave.

I hope your taking lots of film.
Are you working out in the high country ?
Gotta work thoses lungs in the thin air.

By the way, Moosie dreams of sheep all the time, but it just ain't the same.
t-bone a few pics to inspire your imagination! good luck!

Over the next month I plan on maintaining my current cardio/weight training schedule while increasing the day/half day backpack trips with medium to heavy loads.

My house is @ 5100 feet. I'll be hunting between 7000 and 9500. Not sure what kind of difference that will make, but don't see any kind of remedy.

I hate to even think let alone write it, but the only thing that could botch the hunt would be wildfire....

Originally I planned on taking a disposable camera, but that wouldn't do the area justice. I'll take my good 35 mm and 2 rolls of 36 film.

T Bone

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Less than 2 miles from my home are two small herds of bighorns. At least one ram would make the book. But SD is quite jewish with licenses. I apply each year but am turned down. The bighorns die of old age around these parts.

Perhaps one year, SD will join CA, NE, NV, and other states to auction off a big horn license to a wealthy urban person. Gee won't that be wonderful.

In consolation, at least I know what it looks like to center my crosshairs on a big one. But squeezing the trigger is still beyond my luck with license applications.
TYSON !!!! I'm JAcked for ya man, Remember, If you need anything Swing by the House on your Way... Although I'll be gone to AK already

I like your 2nd Plan of attack. I feel a bit better about it. The first plan was NUTS !! Specially with your Dad in the Plan.

Kudos to ya again, I think I'll draw that sheep tag next yerar so take a few Extra Rolls of fill ya Puss !!! 2 rolls ? Come on, I can shoot 2 rolls of film taking a dump
T Bone,

Here is what the look like when they are little.... These were taken last week in the Frank Church, along the Main Salmon.

Flip me up another PM, and I'll pass the info I got from the Middle Fork Outfitter. Said he has seen two "nice ones".....

How many more days? And if you need something on your way thru town, and Moosie is gone to AK, give me a shout, and I probably have it in my garage...
Cool pics!

I'm sure to find the Daddy-o of the lamb, one only needs to look up.

Its only 20 days away. A few of the plans are falling apart but plan B or C works as well or better than A. I'll be renting 2 llamas instead of being dropped off by horses.

The change in plans is nothing more than a small bump in the road! Thanks for the info!
Tyson... I have the Truck's Oil Changed, The Front Axle Seals done... Rotated the tires .. And it will be Full of Gas sitting at my House.

I'd fill it up with all my luck but I need a bit for my AK trip.

I got insurance so don't worry 'bout wrecking or Scratching it, It's an Old '97 beater

Are you going through the Sleepless nights yet ?!??! Buuuahhhah !!!!
While you are dreaming.....

Here is the Middle Fork.... taken on August 3 at the Confluence. The MF was running crystal clear. The Main was a Chocolate mess, as Panther Creek had blown out.

And if it helps you to sleep, here is one for you to "count".....
Caught on the 7th at a Camp down from Mackey Bar.
Hey DKO why has that top Ram have a much narrower muzzle than the other 2 is it a different species or a younger animal ????

Thanks for the pics. That is God's country there. Two weeks from today I'll be packing in.


Thanks for the use of the vehicle as my wee truck can't carry the animals. Plus, the in-state plates can't hurt.

I better go, I should be working right now. I've a feeling my efficiency at work and home will continue to sharply decline over the next 14 days.....

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T Bone,

Good luck and get a big one!


The Lamar runs dirty after every rain storm. Must be all that logging and mining going on upstream. What is the point you are trying to make with this blatant cheap shot? Bring it over to S. I. and fill me in.

T Bone,

Hopefully the "counting sheep" will work... Maybe if I dig around, I can find some more pictures. I have one pic of 6 rams, if I can find it.

Why do you have to read "hidden agendas" into everything. I posted that picture for T Bone, who is stuck 400 miles away from where his heart/mind are, there was no malice intended. The picture clearly shows the Middle Fork running clear, and the Main being muddy, so I thought I would explain why the Main was muddy, as Panther Creek had blown out. Nothing sinister there

The reason that it blew out on the Thursday, July 31, was that somebody (God or Mother Nature, or whoever you Worship) decided that Panther Creek needed a big Thunder Storm to dump a lot of water on some appearantly unstable land, and it washed into Panther Creek.

The Main Salmon river is the longest, free flowing river in the Lower 48. There are no dams to filter out the sediment, so we get what we get. That is part of the allure to Wild Rivers. They are truly wild, and living, breathing creatures. Never are they the same, never are they still. They are always moving, always changing.

1 mile downstream from this picture is a new Class IV rapid, just created in July. This is a Wild river, and things happen, and we read 'em and run 'em. Did you notice on your Middle Fork trip YOU took earlier this spring, the new Oreo rapid? Yep, the Middle Fork blew out in 2001, and we got a new rapid. And do you remember Haystack from your trip this Summer, on the Middle Fork, a Free-flowing, Wild and Scenic River? Well, Haystack rapid is gone, as of July. Another blow out below Haystack, and the water is backed up, creating "Haystack Lake". Now I won't have to wonder which slot to go thru in Haystack, but I do get a new rapid to learn.

Rivers change, rivers grow, but if we protect them, they will always be there.

If you still need me to go start a thread in SI, where you can read "blatant slams" into innocent comments, please let me know. Always happy to oblige...
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