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Nov 28, 2001
Chandler, Az
Hi folks,

I haven't posted much since I'm more of a fisherman, but I'm getting back into hunting. I saw something on outdoors tv that just turned my stomach.

There was a show on where they were hunting on a private ranch in Western New York. At the beginning of the show they were talking in front of the lodge and there were deer everywhere! I mean even getting in the way of the camera!!! I'm not just talking does and button bucks. There were monstorous Bucks with beautiful multi tined racks! Now there had to be a serious fence line there to keep all of these bucks in but I just couldn't believe my eyes! Can you really call this hunting?

The had their hunt and it was beautiful to watch, but I just really couldn't believe my eyes seeing a crowd of deer like that like you were in a crowded airport!

It's been a while since I've been deer hunting and I really can't wait to do it again, but the part I really enjoyed was the stalking of the prey and and then if I was lucky, the possibility of harvesting a beautiful animal.

I would have thought that it would have been more of a challenge for these guys if they were just given a short blade knife instead of a high power rifle!

This is just my opinion guys and I'm curious about everybody elses take on this sort of hunting.

Moosie, thanks for the awesome site! Keep up the great work!

WELL you're welcome for this AWSOME site..... NOW I'm goingto kick ya in the KONADS :D :D

HERE's my thought... I have never hunted a ranch like this for DEER or ELK, but I have for Exotics... I don't think I ever will either. I do however not say anything bad about it because I think As long as the Methods are Legal, let them do it....

SINCE I started this board. I've learned of many ways of hunting that some like and SOME don't like .. ALL are different

1. Hunting Coyote's with hounds....
2. Hunting deer by pushing them into other hunters
3. Hunting DEER with dogs...
4. Hunting deer from a tree stand..
5. Spearing HOGS with spears/knives..
6. ....

WELL.. I'm sure there is more, BUT I can't remember them. ANYWAYS, My point being that there is many ways of hunting out there... I figure to each thier own........

JUSt my .02 :D :D
Thanks for the response, Moosie!

Yeah, I guess everybody has differing opinions on how to hunt and I respect that. It was just so unreal to see so many trophy animals all over the place. I kind of felt like I was watching guys in camoflage with guns in the zoo!

No offense if I stepped on anybody. It was just amazing to see!

John.. for a min I thought you said Del-MArt...

I personally wouldn't hunt deer and elk on a game farm but am going to shoot the crap out of goats come late march.... I dont mind what other people do, just as I dont like being told what I can or cannot do... as far as the tv shows go they are a joke most of not all are done in penned hunts and that goes for the fishing also they are done on private lakes.. it makes the fisherman or hunter look good and thats it....

HECK..... I get a kick out of guys that say what good hunters they are and then tell me their buck came from KINGS ranch and they had 39 of them to choose from...

I think it's almost sad though that those guys ALL have to hunt a ranch to video tape.... I'd rather see a lesser buck/bull taken in the WILD with REAL hutners... NOt saying that ranch hunters can;t hunt.. BUT the ranches just don't seen to have .... uhhhh ANY HILLS, or a challenge... ;) :eek: I do however like to see GOOD bucks/bulls ..even if they are from a ranch.... BUT hey, thats just me

I'm with you Delw..... in 4 weeks... going to shoot a penned goat
and a hog and a gobbler maybe !!! BUT you won't here a crazy story on how I hunted 4 days WITH a illusive ram hiding... OR.. maybe ya will
Well here in Texas they have high fence ranches and most of your popular shows that hunt here go to these ranches. I'm proud to be a Texan but when it comes to hunting game in a area like that its like shooting fish in a barrel. :(
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