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Deer Sighting Survey


New member
Oct 6, 2002
North Carolina
Hey guys, its that time again. Hundreds of people helped out last few years and I am hoping for more this year. For those of you that have no idea what I am talking about, for three years now I have been conducting a survey of how many and when hunters see deer.
A sample graph from previous years looks like this :

Now, I hope that everyone will help out again by going here :
The survey is quick and simple and doesn't ask for any personal information (except adding your email is OPTIONAL). It is a personal sight without advertisers or anything else to keep you from coming back here. Please bookmark it and return as often as possible. You can also see previous results from a link on the page above. For those of you that sent in information last year, I will be posting the most up to date results soon, sorry for the delays, but please be patient. Also, since I am getting a late start on this, please reach back and enter your earlier hunts also.


Lastly, I get many questions regarding how the information is displayed versus input. When you put in sightings from a particular time slot your sightings are included in the calculations for that time slot only. If you don’t check any information for a time slot, you are not used for any calculations for that time period.