Death of someone special

Jack O'Conner

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Jan 11, 2003
Black Hawk, SD
My favorite Uncle died suddenly last week. He was a grain farmer who fed beef on the side. A tall man in good shape, he appeared the essence of good health. His age was 67.

But he fell over suddenly one morning and clutched his abdomen in pain. He was rushed to the hospital, then rushed to a Medical Center even farther away. Docs said it was a ruptured aorta to the stomach. Quick surgery and the Docs said he would recover. Our family breathed a sigh of relief.

But he died two days later. Just closed his eyes and left us. No one is blaming the Docs. It was his time to be with Jesus.

I foolishly did not ever tell my Uncle how much I admired him. Took him for granted. I encourage each of you to tell your loved ones how much they mean to you. Don't be a fool like me and take someone for granted. Learn from my big goof; don't repeat this dumb mistake.
Hugely important thing to remember. A lot of people won't stand up and say "hey you mean a lot to me" because they think they are going to look weird. How many times though have you heard a story similar to Jack's? I feel for you buddy. Thanks for the reminder.
So sorry to hear of your loss. It's aways so hard to lose some one so dear to you.

You right Jack we need to tell the people we love that we do love them more than we do. And we also need to show them.
JAck.. Sounds like a country song I heard jsut recently.. I can't think of the name.. Was about not saying enough or what we meant.... MAybe someone knows which one ?

Sorry to hear about the loss....
I'm very sorry!!!
Jack sorry to hear about your loss. Some of us older guys feel uncomfortable telling other guys how we feel about them. I know I do, and I feel uncomfortable when someone starts telling me that mushy stuff. I think we tell people we admirer how we feel about them by our actions, and the way we treat them. We don't have to put everything into words. I am sure your Uncle knew how you felt about him.

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A person should allway's let his family know how much they mean to him and tell you wifw and children that you love them every day because you might not or they might not be here tommorrow. I even go so far as to let my good friends know how much they mean to me. By doing this if I would lose one of them I don't have to live with I should haves. Just my two cents worth. Don't be ashamed to hug someone and by all means hug your kids and wife daily and let them know how much you love them.