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Day 6 - We still have hope


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Dec 20, 2000
Jackson, Wyoming
Well today we kind of got a late start and decided to sleep in. Once we got up and around we decided to do an afternoon hunt. We went in the lower trail and then hit the Vegas Boy's Meadow. We went up a ways and sat for a spell. Martin headed over to the gladed side to find a place to watch for elk and I stayed in the vacinity of the horses. Well guess we could have just stayed in camp and got some extra rest for us and the horses because neither of us saw or heard a thing.

I brought the horses down and met up with Martin and we headed in to camp. I think we had a liquid meal for dinner tonight and shared the fire with a Wyoming truck driver. Hey, at least he did not come from Hanna, Wyoming. They were there to fill a moose tag.

That night we we decided to just see some country, stay on the horses and ride all day. If we saw some elk to shoot, great. If not, still great.

We headed up a new drainage for about a mile and then came back to the fork and headed up the other one and kept going for what seemed like eternity. Seeing new country for the first time is always a pleasure. We came down this little hill and low and behold, the view of the day was something that I will always remember and place that I will be sitting some morning as well. It was a meadow that seemed as wide as long with the creek running through it that was chock full of trout. From there we headed up towards the top and saw two golden eagles and an elk carcass from the Hansen group. Before we knew it we were once again at the Hansen camp where most of them were busy packing out the 4 elk they had taken and would be leaving the next day.

We passed them on the way back to camp and said our farewell to them and headed down. Overall it was a fantastic day in the mountains of Wyoming.

Below is our new found meadow.






Awesome looking country -great pics.
Makes me dream of someday doing a trip like that. This AZ cactus and heat is starting to chaff my ass some... Keep the pics coming
I thought WY had Mountains ?!?! You could DANG near ride a Skateboard in that country

Cool pics MAN !!!

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