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Day 4 - Second day of the season


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Dec 20, 2000
Jackson, Wyoming
The 3:00 AM alarm came early and bacon & eggs was the meal of the morning again. The coffee was brewing and the kids were eating. The neighbors must have stayed up too late as it was dark when we departed camp. Today we would head to where I got my elk last year. It is a good place and this is where we bumped about 40 elk a few weeks ago. Once we got to our destination, it was just getting light. Martin sat and overlooked an old burn area which borders a thick strip of timber while I heaed up the hill and over to the far ridge. Both places are known for elk bedding and crossing. On my way I found one of the Indiana boys sitting overlooking the bowl so I detoured to the S.E. a little so I was not molesting his hunt. I found a nice place to sit and overlook much of the slope to the bottom. In the far distance I could see and hear the ATVs heading into the South Fork. Bugleing was heard to the east of me. The sun was popping over the ridge and warming thins up. The view was out of this world. It was not long before I saw my first elk of the day, a spike and two cows were crossing below me. I decided that is not what I wanted so I just enjoyed the moment and watched them.

I made my way back to Martin and he showed me some pictures of a nice buck that was in front of him. Naturally I was the one with a deer tag and not him.

We made a few phone calls while the reception was good and started down, stopping to chat with the Indiana boys on the way. From there we headed down the mountain via a gladed hillside heading to where the elk were seen yesterday. Another rider was coming up the trail and chated with him for a moment before showing him our tags. It was nice to see a G&F officer so far in the hills checking people and doing their job. He had two horses, one for the ride in and one for the ride out.

We decided to call it a day as it was hot and we were tired and Michele was coming up this afternoon with some cheesecake for the big 50 event.

The G&F officer we saw on the trail stopped by and chatted with us again on his way out and had informed us that only one more elk was taken on top in the Hansen group, a cow it would be this time. One of the neighbors had scored that morning on a 6x6 in the South Fork and a party was going on way past midnight. Shortly after the stroke of midnight I hit the hay for tomorrows hunt.
Thanks for the stories, i love em!!! It puts me in my "happy" place when i read them. I can smell the smoke from the campfire now and hear the bugels across the canyon!! we leave the 29th for our elk hunt in Co. god, i cant wait....... 7.21
Still sounds liek a Western film.. With the Hansen Boys and the In-jans
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