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Danny Batastini's deer pics


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Jul 7, 2001
Holy flipping sh#t, gotta love taken out the trash.. Sweet dead things. How about some stories to go with 'em? Thanks for the pictures.

Danny Batastini

New member
Aug 3, 2003
Southern California High Desert
The Goat come from Wyoming 1994, shot it with a 264 win mag. It was a real long shot, that's what I wanted. That head is now at the ranch in New Mexico.

The smaller deer ( a desert mulie ) 26" 4x4 is from southern New Mexico 1990. This head is also at the ranch.

The large mule deer 37" 22x14 has never been scored. It fell off the wall in the Landers earthquake 7.4 messed it up real bad. When I lived up in Idaho I left it in a fishing& hunting store on hwy 95 outside of Grangeville Idaho.

All the time and money you spend hunting for most of your life and you leave your trophies all over the west lol duh.