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CWD & Winterkill


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Dec 2, 2015
Just thinking. It appears by all accounts including mine that Winterkill in parts of Western CO was significant this year. I can't wait to see if the CWD %'s change in these areas. The winterkill would have to affect the CWD or any less than healthy animal going into winter.

Not being any form of an expert on this topic, but I would think the CWD infected animals would be the 1st to perish when conditions get harsh and thus had less chance to infect other animals in the herd.

Your thoughts.
Prevalence rates could be affected and if they go in the right direction the state may opt to keep the population down.
They had a plan, still do I think, to reduce prevalence by reducing the population of mature bucks in some areas.

In theory you should be right, don't know if they are testing any winterkill animals though.
My understanding is that only late stage CWD animals are more susceptible. However, Im not sure there is any real studies to back up that information.
With the food sources concentrated by the snow, it's possible the transmission rates increased.
16:14 they touch on winter effects. Granted it's Arkansas winter. I believe this study is not yet complete so these are preliminary results.
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