CWD in Colorado

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Dec 13, 2000
Apple Valley, CA, USA
Per the Denver Post, it appears that CWD is spreading in Colorado - 3 deer in Jefferson County this year, others elsewhere and at least one elk near Hayden, CO. :eek: You can go to the Denver post website and do a search for CWD in the Sports section. (Or maybe someone more adept than me can do a cut and paste. (Where is Wild Elk when we need him? 280 - are you watching?)
280 present and accounted for,,,,quote moosie on CWD,,,the sky is falling the sky is falling,,,looks like not

watching moosie make an ass out of himself on 24 hour was some of the funniest stuff i have read in a long time,,,keep up the good work,,,,,,,,,,,,now back to hunting see ya in a week
I musta missed Moosie making an ass out himself on 24hour, 280.........all I saw was him putting up 10k accepting a challenge to bet, and the other side apologizing and admitting they were wrong and withdrawing the bet.......and how exactly is that him making an ass of himself? :rolleyes:

Oh and Cali...bad chit that CWD!

YAH... Moosie making an ASS out of himself again.. :rolleyes:
YOU know, I could donate $$ to a charity and people that don't like me, or people like 280 ;), would say.. SEE , MOOSIES making an ASS out of himself...

SEEMS like the people with brains being the smallest, have mouths the LARGEST !!!!! (HUH 280)

WELL.. GOOD luck hunting 280, you'll need it, you, and elky from H.I.S. and your burlap sack suit... HAHAH

CALI, thanx for the POST !!!!!!

The Idaho Fish and GAME department has info out too....

BY the way... It's not always the MESSAGE I argue with, rather, the Messanger :D :D :D
Wasn't that always the point of argument, Moosie? The messenger or the manner of posting the message, the continual cut and paste, and how it was ALL the fault of game farms and so on? (And not about CWD.)
YES CALI... but, if that doesn't make sense... I"LL just make an "Apoligy", start a new thread, and look like a hero :D :D :D
I'm sorry for making an ass out of myself.
Geez I say that everyday to Vipe ;) :rolleyes:

We got CWD we got EHD we got IUD's errr ferget that last one. It getting scary anymore about the diseases that the animals get. I always wonder exactly how long ago these have been in existence. It like AIDS. What did they call it before they discovered what it is? or is it a mutation of another disease? More questions than answers I believe. :confused:

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