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Dec 20, 2000
I am trying to convince the wife that since school is not letting me deer hunt this fall that I should go on a hunt later in the year. I was thinking of going to AZ for a Couse Whitetail hunt with a bow. Just wondering if anyone would be interested in going along? I'm sure the members from AZ could/would point us in a good direction. Just thought that I would put out a 'feeler' and see if anyone would want to share a few campfires. I was thinking of taking off around Dec. 28 and getting back just after the New Year, like around the 5th or 6th. Any takers???
Just remember, you'll need a 2002 Az. hunting license and over-the-counter deer tag starting January 1. If you're planning hunting on that trip before the end of the year, you'll also need to fork up the moola for a 2001 license and tag...

Thanks for the heads up!!! I guess I will be getting a 2002 tag and use the few days before to scout and maybe shoot some 'yotes or something. Thanks again for the advice.
1 Pointer, Among other pieces of equipment that will come in handy, let me suggest that you bring a divining rod. Those little buggers could hide for hours in a parking lot. They are absolutely uncanny. Under normal conditions, I would be happy to go along an hunt with you. Not with hopes of actually finding one, but to laugh at your frustrations. (Same thing they did to me on my first Couse deer hunt.) Unfortunately, I will be hunting Elk. If you are interested in a cow elk hunt, there are still tags left over for the late hunt in the White Mountains. :cool:
Danr- Thanks for the input. What are the prices of the cow elk tags? Are there good chances of seeing big bulls on this hunt also? Also, if I was to go on the Couse deer hunt, do I have to buy a general hunting license and the tag or just the tag?
1 pointer.. I am still game for a couse archery hunt. I would like to tag out befor the end of the year so I can still put in for north kaibab rifle hunt.


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