Yeti GOBOX Collection

Countdowns over


Apr 16, 2001
Its a retired man from Pa an his wife here for the week.Both bowhunters....great people....hope they stick a big 1 this afternoon. :D
good luck to them. looking forward to the pics.

as it turns out i won't be heading out until fri. have to get pins taken out of my arm tomorrow. so i'll give it till the weekend to heal a little.
Last week was pretty uneventful.The man bowhunter never saw a bear all week.His wife saw an 80#,a sow with 2 missed a nice bear.New crew in Sunday...last night at 6 Ron connected with a old dry sow that weighed Frank killed his 1st bear in 47 yrs of huntin.A 130# sow.Both had good fat...pretty bears.2 more hunters...rain comin.Should be interestin.

Take to follow....sometime. :D
Well this has been a short season for me and my 10 year old son, he got his bear on Friday 80lb male and I got mine on Saturday 205lb male, now the fun begins. the bear have been skinned and fleshed and now I need to remove the feet. anyone no how to do this?
Welcome aboard fellow Mainer.Where at in Maine ya live?

I skin around the footpad and down to the toe knuckles and cut the socket there.Good luck. :D :cool:

Congrats to you an especially that young hunter.My oldest killed his 1st bear at 10 an it was way cool.
Congrats to the succesfull hunters, and best wishes to those still trying. My season may be to busy to hunt, but I like hearing about the success of others.

Let's see them pictures!

I hang my hat in Pittston and sit in a tree in north east carry, this was my sons first hunt on the first day he got his bear, I hope this is the first of many hunts together. thanks for the advise on skinning. I ordered a skinning video from mckenzies should be in today...