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Count down begins to my Bull


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Nov 28, 2001
somewhere other than AZ :(
13 days from now I will be sitting back by a roaring fire, remembering my Bull that took me one day to get.
Yeah, right! I will be starting my hunt in 12.5 days from now @ 4am on 11/15/02.
Sunrise is 6:15 am or there abouts and I plan on being ready for them about 1-2 hours before.
Going up scouting some new area next weekend and hope the Assist. regional manager for G&F has pointed me in the right direction. Last time in this area for our cow hunt required 25 miles of hiking/packing out and don't want that to happen again with a big bull for I will most likely be alone on this hunt.
Good luck to all those hunting and going in the near future.
Well, the saga continues.
3 days until my bull hunt

I went up scouting on sunday with my friend.
We went all over the 5B north area using our binos to no avail:(
Saw one small cow elk trying to cross the 126 by the flying M ranch going up the hill towards Anderson mesa. She was only about 400 pounds.
Saw 1 fox and 1 coyote.
Saw lots of fresh tracks and droppings all over the place at our next stop but no elk:(
Going up on Thursday morning and have a few friends going to join me this time. 1 from Colorado and 2 from down here so I won't be lonely.

Setting up base camp thursday and scouting the rest of that day.
Hunt starts friday and I am having trouble sleeping now, can't wait for it to start.
Been seeing bulls in my dreams

More later!!!
24 hrs and counting!
trying to find some last minute items, like bungi cords for my tarp setup.
all set to go just have to load the food tomorrow and spray the underside of the truck with silicone spray to keep the mud off and I'm ready.
picking up friends around noon and off to the hunt.
Will take camera and keep you all updated.
Safe hunting to all.
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