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Could You Guys Help Me Out?

George P

New member
Jan 11, 2001
rochester N.H. usa
I have an amateur web site I have been playing with.The one complaint I used to hear was that my pictures loaded really slow. If any of you guys here have seen it you know what I mean.LOL I have learned how to make the pictures load faster by lowering their quality a bit.I have been experimenting with this the last couple nights. I have a cable modem which is very fast compared to the regular dial up modems. Would some of you guys check out my site and tell me what you think of the pictures??? I would appreciate it.The site is at Thanks alot.Please remember I am new to this so be easy on me.!!!!LOL
Hey George,

The site looks great. Still takes me awhile to get the pictures loaded up, but not too bad. And I probably have the slowest connection on the planet. The pictures are worth the wait!
It didn't take long for me to load it, of course I have 115k whats the breeding on that spot dog you own?.....just the way....its a nice site
:D :D :D
Great site George! I have found most sites with a lot of pics take a while to load, I dont think Yours is any slower....Nice looking hounds too!
Hay George
Still a great looking site!! Loads a little slow but worth it. It remindes me I sould be upgrading my site and doing more with it.
Buckshot sorry to here about your viset from the warden.
Looks good to me, rather sit awhile and wait for good pictures.....hey can anyone see what my dog is treeing :confused: I think he may be slick :eek: :eek: :eek:
Gatoman, from here it looks like your walker has a giant goofy bluetick pup treed. I hear it takes a lot of pressure to put them up so congratulations!

Tobey, Thanks. What's the address for your website? I'd like to see it.
Tobey.. Your Link should have a .html LIKE

Click below to Access it:


George, I checked out your Site. I think it loads fairly Average. If ya need help Maintaining Pic quality and loading a bit faster... LEt me know :D

My personal opinion Is I don't like BLACK as a background. I like the Lighter colors like grey or something. BUT thats just My Opinion. your question was how does it load, And I'd say a 7.5 !!! Heck This site only loads a 4.8 :D :D
Tobey.. You say you went back and Fixed it but it still don't work.. Go look at it again, press on the link and you'll see :D AND, If ya Spelt rite becuz of a spel chek, den...... Welll, Peopl wood think yous was Smart!!! (Plus, if'n ya always spel wrong, People never question ya. heck I barely finished 9th grade
Don't make me no nevermind :cool
I just type MD after my name sometimes and people wonder :D :D

(Seriously though, We are Working on the Spell check and the Who's online. I am at the merci of the Desig developers though.... THANX for bearing with me.... ;))
Hey Tobey,

The site didn't seem all that crude to me and I enjoyed all the pictures. Some real good ones there. Those were a couple dandy bucks you and your brother killed.
I fixed the Powerpage if you want to give it a look.I sould rename most of the pic's gone but not forgoten.Most of them dogs have past on.Only Baldy Foxy Ranger and Lucy still here.I gave up trying to top my brother when it comes to deer hunting,Them Bucks where in 1978 and he still killes a biger one then I each year. :D :D
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