Coues Deer in AZ


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Mar 28, 2001
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How difficult is it too bowhunt Coues deer in Az? Especially for a flatlander from the east. What units would be the best to chase them? etc etc etc.
Remember that texas hunt? its about the same maybe a little tougher
best unit in the state is 22

Personally I think its the hardest animal to get with a bow. Much more difficult than an antelope. That being said I was very lucky and scored on a 101.5 net buck my first try. Not so successful from then on...
Good luck, have fun!
Funter 32 is a great unit I have hunted it a few times, its very very rugged.

22 isnt so rugged and would probally be best suited for Nut, there are some rolling hills on the north end while they are hills nut can hunt that section with no problem.

Aer you saying that Nut aint as spry as he used to be
? I hunted just to the south east of the Winchesters and it was not too bad. I did hunt 22 last year just west of Strawberry and that was pretty rugged,and down around Rye that wan't too bad.
I hunted 32 by rosevelt lake 4 year ago, killed an 8 pointer there the second day.

We all taged out by the end of the killing a small forky just to tag something.

I wouldnt go that far to hunt them with a bow, probably would never go back to hunt them with a rifle either. To me they look like really small whitetails.

IF you go plan on a couple of weeks....
This is something that I am thinking about for the future.
Maybe in a couple years or so. Also would be a reason for a visit to AZ.

No I have never been spry (unless sex was involved). Knees just are not what they used to be after 26 years standing on cement.
They are tuff little critters to take with a bow! The areas around Patagonia, or Sierra Vista are pretty hard to beat.

If this is your 1st time out for Coes, may I suggest a 25/06, or maybe a 7Mag?

This is probably one of the few times I would truly recommend some long range ability from a weapon, and as the people who have read my treads know, I don't say that very often!

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