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Has anybody got any suggestions that I could use to get coons going again in Wyoming where I live. We dont have very many here and I think its due to the lack of enuff food, and maybe the coyotes too!!! What would be good to plant so they had sokme better habitat food wise? Corn dont grow good here. We grow a little in the garden but the growing season is way to short. Should I feed em dog food? Something has to work to get them going again! bcat

If you aint the lead dog the scenery never changes
Considering that you are in Wyoming and I am in the Coastal Plain of North Carolina, I might have a hard time giving you a good answer, but I'll try. Corn is the best planting just for coons, but if that won't work where you are, I might think about trees or bushes that bear mast. Crab apples, persimmons, black cherries, blackberries, acorns, etc. I guess you would have to tailor that to what grows in your area, but you get the idea. Some of these, I realize, may take a little time to produce, but they offer a good long term solution that benefits other game as well. They also like peanuts a lot and will use soybean fields, too. And anytime you can keep a hollow tree from being cut will also help. They are aggravating to tree in, but they sure house a lot of young coons. If you just want to feed them outright, dog food will work, as will shelled corn, and the sweet livestock feeds. Day old bread and cakes from the bakery thrift shop also work well and you can usually fill up a pickup bed for ten bucks. If you use dry foods(corn, dog food,etc.) try a five gallon bucket with a lid with about a 1" piece of PVC inserted through the side of the bucket, near the bottom. This will allow a small, but steady flow of feed that is replenished as it is consumed. Obviously bears might tear it up, but chaining the bucket to a tree or stump might help some. One other thing that might help would be to apply some fertilizer to any good mast bearing trees you already have just before they start to green up in the spring to boost production. Kind of long winded, I guess, but let me know if these ideas help you any.
To hell with them raccoons!!!!!!

Damn things are ALL OVER the U.P. and we don't like 'em! they decimate our game bird and waterfowl populations and they are marauding little critters, too.

Used to be about 15 years ago where a man could fetch around $25 for a good coon pelt; now you'll be lucky to get $3.

Come one; come all to God's Country up here with your hounds and you can run yourselves ragged chasing coons.


VEGETARIAN: Indian word meaning 'Bad Hunter'
When does your season go out, and how much is a nonresident license? I am sorry about the problems they are causing but I would love to tree some of those big coons y'all have up there!
Yooper, sounds like you need to buy ya a walker dog and go clean them out, heck buy 2 catch even

That's what I'm talking about GatoMan. I'd like to find a cheap plane ticket and a rental truck up that way, coons have gotten somewhat scarce around here. If that doesn't work then maybe yooper and bcat can work out a trade. Coons for cats?
Considering that I love to coon hunt while the hunting is getting tougher here every year it may still be something to consider in the future. That is certainly cheaper than a big game hunt, and I could even be hunting my own dog. I'd love to get up there and see that country sometime anyway. Do a lot of people coon hunt up there?
Hardly anyone coon hunts up here anymore.....

Most of our houndsman run bear (lots of bear hunters here), although we have a few that give chase to coyote and bobcat.

I'm not kidding; the things are all over. Many are getting hit by cars!

If you're interested, e-mail me and I'll send you a Michigan hunting and trapping guide. For starters you can come rid my property of 'em. No charge! In fact, I'll buy you a 12-pack for your services.

EASY drive up here, too. I-75 all the way and you can get a clean motel for $45/night.

Lemme know.


VEGETARIAN: Indian word meaning 'Bad Hunter'
Coons are are thick here too! Open season all year!! NOBODY hunts them sice the fur crash...
bcat..........Got any ideas how we cat get some lions establihed up here? lol.......
I would reckon to venture that a good breed stock, let loose in the hills behind your place would work!
Mind ya, to introduce something would be a bit of a rage with the F&G. ( nothing that would be impossible)
But if you could prove them to be free of pathogens and would put enough feed out to get them started in the spring, till they found the natural food sources that support the bears, I see no reason it would not be possible!
Now, lets get 50 live traps, set them on the river for them big boars and sows, a certificate from G&F and we got us a stock to run!

(here is an idea??? 50% off a cat hunt for every 50 live coons delivered!!!


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Walker Man,he aint kidding about being coon infested.I know some guys here in Indiana that go up around Michigan and hunt every year.They usually tree about 20 coons a night and I aint kidding.

Hunt hard and prosper.
It's good to know there's some somewhere. I went last night and treed two...up the same tree. Shot one for the dog and left one for seed. Oh, yeah yooper, I'll be in touch. It's too late for this year, but it's time to be planning my trips for next year. Thanks for the insight.
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