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Come on Mr Tobey...


New member
Jan 10, 2001
Grand Lake Stream ME USA
Hay Maineiac
My computer has been on the frits.It takes 45 min. to just tern on.So wile i wait for it I fall asleep and when i wake up its time to skin another bear.We have 9 so far out of 15 hunters Only one man has gone all week without seing a bear.But when you leave a pack of cigeret butts at the base of your tree stand every night you mite not see one LOL.The bears are all fat and looking real good.Our average weight is 202 # so we are doing pritty good I think :D Next week will be A good one I got 2 dog hunters and we also have 13 bait hunters.We hired an extra Guide to help out and George is coming with some dogs to help me.


Apr 16, 2001
Aint nothin wrong with your puter!! The durned thing finally made it to G.L.S.!! Livin in woodville,mine has worked like that for over 2 yrs.LOL LOL Dont know if the slaughterhouse leadman will give me a day to get over your way,I'm in trainin for moose season.Skun 8 bears here so far,and all looked great.Cut em up and wrapped em and I ate so much liver,I ran outa people to hang out with.LMAO Oh well,nobody ever said it'd be easy.Take care Dale,and you an george tree one for all of us.