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Sep 21, 2003
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Looking for some feed back from any of you on wool verses all the other fabrics out now. I am planning a Mule deer hunt in Idaho this coming fall and was looking for some gear that is quiet and will keep warm if we get some weather. I have used gortex before and always have wool as a layer but how does it work as an outer layer? Any other suggestions :confused:
Wool works awesome as an outer layer. For almost all Idaho Mule deer hunting, you can get buy with Poly-pro long johns, fleece shirt, and a wool over coat. I get wool from Woolrich and/or Pendelton and make custom "dresses" that are loosely based on the Swandri coats from New Zealand.

Most of our Mule Deer hunting is dry, or so it seems, and rain/snow is not a big deal. You can always throw the gore-tex into the bottom of your pack.

Pants I used to be all in favor of Wool, but lately have been wearing a heavier fleece from Woolrich, and been happy that way.

It just depends if you want to be "old school" or not....
I live in my Columbia Gallatin Range wool stuff. I got the Monarch Pass jacket, the shirt, the pants and even picked up a boonie hat. I usually layer with lightweight Comfortrel longs from Sierra Trading Post, Stanfields Superwash Merino longs, and an Eddie Bauer lightweight merino wool Henley-like shirt with a collar from their outlet store ($15), then the Gallantin Range wool stuff. I was out three weeks ago when it was 15 below when I started out and 12 above with a 15-20 mph wind when I got back to the car seven hours later and I was comfy all day long. I had a down long underwear top along that I didn't even use. For the price the Gallatin Range is surprisingly good. And that is from someone who has used Pendleton and Woolrich for 30 years and just bought his first Filson. I used the Gallatin Range stuff in North Dakota last November (see below) and it was fine in 15 below to 34 above. I wore it once in the rain and the jacket eventually soaked through, but I just took it off and wrung it out and never got chilled. You can get the Weatherby or Cabelas wool that has a GoreTex-like lining. Both of those I'm sure are very servicable. Probably the best coat available is the Filson Double Mackinaw, style 83. I am selling a brand new Forest Green one, size 44, if you are interested. Didn't fit and I now have a red and black 42.
Thanks guys for the input. I think that is the way i'll go as an outer and just keep the rain gear in the pack just in case. Now to start pricing some of it.Cabelas isn't to bad at the moment and the service is hard to beat. :)Jackfish nice looking whitey also :D

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