Colorado Wildlife....

Great video Moosie! That first bull seems a little riled up. Were you able to fill your muzz tag?
Wow, that is a lot like being there, oh wait..... I like the new sound effects better too, nice job on the vid. :D
Cool vids Oscar. That goofy rutty bull was fun to watch.

The 6x6 looks good on the top end, but 2's and 3's are real weak. I'd still stick him though......
That's not a Yote in the video, that is a Wolf. The easy way to tell the difference is there aren't any elk in the picture.... ;)

Cool video of the first bull....
Rammin, I got a Deer , 18" +/- 4 point buck, Pictures will come up as soon as my Dam Program works for me. Unfortunately Wylee didn't get a Suicide buck like I did. I'll post a story later on it.

The 2nd Bull was a Real nice one. It might not look so in the Film but it was. We got within ... Ohhh maybe 50 YArds ?!?! he'd never look at me for a Good camera shot but the cows would ;)

The Clouds I should have shot more Video of... It's cool to Shoot a Long series then Speed it up a Bit. But i was Hoping for more Video of game..... :D
Great video and the sound was fantastic. Nice job Moosie. Thanks!!!!!
That was some real quality footage! Thanks for the vid/pics! Keeps me fired up for the up and coming Elk/deer hunt!
Fantastic video. I was wondering how you were going to top that sheep hunt pics and video.
Remember, this hunt took place on private land. Now you can sell this video with out getting busted. :D

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