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colorado refund/pref. point


Grand poopa
Dec 9, 2000
Boise, Idaho
So.... I jsut put infor a pref point .. Should I be getting moeny back ?!?! And if so.. when ?

I also looked on the site and it didn't find me in there.. IS that bad ?

If you applied and you're not there, that's not good. Try typing two digits for month, two digits for day and four digits for year.
If that doesn't work then try typing just your concervation certificate.

You should get a refund if you applied for a preference point. They keep only the $3 application fee.


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i just type in my cc # and it brings up my file
HUMMmmm they must have thrown me out ?!?!?

Big Game Limited License Draw And Preference Point Search

Unable to locate any applications for williamson with a birthday of 01/28/1973 in the 83687 zip code.
Don't worry Moosie. Their website is very unreliable. They don't have my dad or any of his info in there either. They had my info way hoosed until a few months ago. What their computers say and what their website says are two completely different things. I would call them to ease your worries. It only takes a second to find out. Good luck.
Ahhhhhhhh GOT it all figured out.. I called up and was on hold for like 15 mins. they must be real busy !! :eek:

I gave him my name and he said.. AHHH you're a tooth !!!! I said .. "A TOOTH" .. he said.. yah, thats why they can't find you.....

HUMMM I said.. well can you find me.... He said since I was a Williamson II I couldn't be found on the net... So instead of a "second" I'm a "Twoth" :D :D

We apply separately for each species so when we get a refund it's separate too.

Maybe you got your elk tag. That might explain why that check hasn't arrived yet. Although I was unsuccessful for antelope and I haven't gotten that refund check yet. I think you're luck to have gotten at least one refund check as early as you have.


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