Colorado OTC - How bad is it

Sure there are lots of people, but people are VERY predictable. If you figure this out and use it you can be pretty much 100% successful in OTC units for bulls. Throw in a leftover class B cow tag and a freezer full of "free meat" is a virtual guarantee.

Of course, since people are very predictable I predict that about 98/% of people will not "figure this out".

Successful elk hunting resembles hard work. People dont really like hard work, they like to watch hard work, they like to talk about hard work, they LOVE to reminicse about when they once DID hard work...
As someone heading to Colorado this mid September for the first time and my first dusky grouse hunt, y'all are making my anxiety level climb. My apologies in advance to any elk hunters I encounter, hopefully I'll move elk your way.
You have every right to be there on public land as the archery hunters. I'll be chasing grouse in September too and have had some really great encounters with archery guys when my dog and I are busting through the country hahaha!
All I'd add is that if you're hunting during the overlap with Muzzleloader (9/9-9/17 this year), that first weekend will be about as crowded as elk/grouse country ever gets. Still have 'summer' recreation in full swing, grouse hunters, rifle bear hunters, plus both Archery and MZ folks.

But,as usual, if you're off a main trail/road, you won't see nearly as many folks as you think.

Literally counting the days until grouse opener. Finally have a season where our 'OG' grouse group can all make the opener. Bird numbers were excellent last year, and from the little we've seen, broods were healthy and large again this year.
I thought it was pretty bad last year. Had not hunted that OTC unit for a while, but in places(options A-Q) that I typically saw maybe 1-2 hunters at most in a day 7 years ago… I was seeing 6-12 hunters a day in the field last year.

Still had a great anytime I’m in the mountains. It was a little frustrating though literally not being able to escape hunting pressure for long.. no matter where I moved to or how deep I dove in. Felt like people had a tracker on me.. ha.
It was a little frustrating though literally not being able to escape hunting pressure for long.. no matter where I moved to or how deep I dove in.
Imagine what the elk and deer are thinking about all the crowds. At least you weren't being hunted. (Said in jest, and I sure appreciate the sentiment about other hunters using "my" hunting spots, and without my permission!)
Hunting as a whole is headed for an end in Colorado.

Butt Dart Governor and First Gentleman, hand picked commissions with complete anti-hunters, now you can get a discounted parks pass with vehicle registrations to make the revenue without selling hunting licenses. They are not even shy about telling you wildlife management is headed towards "mutualism".

It won't be long until they can truly say hunters are not needed anymore.

I'd say "crowds on a OTC hunt are the least of our problems. In fact I'd suggest you get your Colorado hunt in now regardless of crowds. IMG_3275.PNG
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I came up hunting low point mule deer units in Nevada - which is about as brutal as it gets.
But we'd go into a 10% success rate unit and pull out bucks for everyone there.

A high pressure unit, or OTC hunt is largely what you make it.
If the unit has a 10-20% harvest rate - there are some people who can bend that to a 80-90% rate.

It involves a lot of planning, and a alot of fitness, but many people simply aren't willing to go to the tough to get places.